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Purpose – What is Your Why?
Episode 4714th June 2021 • Building To Scale • Jeff Chastain | Admentus Inc.
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Why are you in business? We know the mark of a successful business is to make a profit, but beyond that, why are you really in business?

Dan Sullivan outlines 4 freedoms of being an entrepreneur and the 4th freedom is a "freedom of purpose". In Dan's word's ...

This entrepreneurial company you've created is not just a job or a career; it's actually a vehicle to all sorts of things that relate to your fundamental values and ideals in life. This allows you to have a tremendous sense of purpose for being on this planet.

In our last episode, Jeff Arnold has built a successful, growing insurance practice. That practice though serves as his vehicle for missions outreach - his true purpose.


Today on the podcast, Jeff Chastain, Business Transformation Coach with Admentus, continues the conversation about systemizing a business, specifically focus on the 2nd "P" - Purpose.

What is the purpose of your business?

Why does the purpose of your business matter to your team?

For questions or more information, reach out to Jeff at He is happy to chat with business owners that are simply trying to take that next leap forward in their business.