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22. What Helps WOC Take More Fearless Action in Business
Episode 2228th February 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Becoming a parent and entrepreneur really changed my relationship with emotions. Growing up, I was often made to feel bad for being upset.

When I felt a challenging emotion, I was often met with "You have no right to feel that way. Your life is so much easier than ours was." And after coaching over 100 daughters of immigrants, they feel a similar way. Running from or suppressing our emotions was the answer at one point in our lives.

But growing a business REQUIRES us to change our relationship to our feelings. In Reclamation Mastermind, identifying and processing emotions are a literal entrepreneurial skillset you develop through nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence, and trauma-informed mindset coaching.

Creating a safe container for women of color to process emotions in community is what allows them to create AND receive more clients, money, and visibility.

So today, I'm going through:

- Why many WOC and daughters of immigrants are afraid to feel certain emotions

- How avoiding emotions stop us from taking helpful actions in our business

- How processing emotions can be easier

- Figuring out whether there is a problem to solve or a feeling to feel

Join the waitlist for Reclamation Mastermind and join the most incredible, badass community of WOC who are booking out, raising their prices, and growing more peacefully than ever. Doors open May 15:

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