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How to Support Your Partner in Business and Other Relationship Advice with Joe Burke
Episode 4624th February 2022 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin interviews her husband Joe Burke. Joe runs a golf company in Southern California. He is smart with numbers and able to separate the emotions from business decisions, making him one of Kristin’s most trusted business consultants. Join us as we discuss how Kristin and Joe met, how a couple can learn to grow together, the importance of communication, dealing with conflicts, and how to support one another as a couple.

Joe also gives advice on how one can support their partner in business and learn to adjust to a new lifestyle with an entrepreneur, as well as what “fighting for the good days” means to him.

Episode Highlights

06:28 As far as telling people how to grow together, I don’t think there’s a secret recipe behind it. I think it’s how much you’re willing to give each other.

18:56 Everybody always used to ask what the key to success for our relationship was, and I kind of joke but I said it was our time apart. We’re both very strong, independent people and we get to spend a lot of great time together, but we also have our own space.

22:05 At the end of the day, all the way from high school to college to your early business career to mine, and to where we are today, we motivate each other and ultimately want to succeed for each other.

25:01 I’m not a ”grass is greener on the other side” kind of a person but I think that there’s always bigger, better opportunities out there if you’re willing to open your eyes, see them and look for them, and then put the work in.

30:32 We have to fight for those good days. We have to put in the groundwork and the day-to-day work to have those moments that are spectacular.

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