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YMB #135 Measuring Success as a Homeschooler
Episode 1352nd May 2023 • Your Morning Basket • Pam Barnhill
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In this episode of the Your Morning Basket podcast, host Pam Barnhill discusses how to assess learning in your homeschool morning time. She explains the importance of setting goals, self-assessment, parent observation, and real-world application in evaluating your children's progress. Pam also shares practical tips on how to incorporate morning time activities into traditional assessment models, including issuing transcripts for high schoolers. 

However, she emphasizes that non-traditional methods of assessment, such as building relationships and fostering a love for learning, are just as important in evaluating the success of your morning time routine. If you're looking for ways to measure your homeschooling progress beyond traditional tests and grades, be sure to tune in to this insightful episode!

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