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#80: Embracing the Challenges of Book Marketing
Episode 801st March 2022 • The Book Marketing Action Podcast • Weaving Influence
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This episode of the Book Marketing Action Podcast focuses on how authors can embrace the challenges that come with book marketing and grow from the mistakes they make. Colin Hunter – Mentor, Coach, CEO of Potential Squared International Limited, and Author of Be More Wrong – shares his experience creating a cinematic book trailer, the rigor and discipline he needed in order to market his book, and how he has adapted throughout the book marketing journey. He emphasizes that failure is an important part of becoming a better leader. During the episode, Colin also shares:

  • About his work at Potential Squared, his global team, and the work that he does with clients. 
  • What inspired him to write his latest book, Be More Wrong.
  • Why he chose to create a cinematic book trailer.
  • An in-depth explanation of the process of creating his book trailer, including the cost, the time it took, and the challenges he faced.
  • How far in advance of launch he was creating his book trailer and how soon it was finished.
  • Whether or not he would invest as much in a book trailer again.
  • What has worked best for him in spreading the message of his book.
  • The assumptions he once made about book marketing that he ended up being wrong about.
  • What will be different about the second campaign for Be More Wrong, which Colin is re-launching in 2022. 

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