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From Nothing to Profit - Matt Hoaglin and Kia Bondurant EPISODE 45, 14th October 2019
Christine Tremoulet – A Photographer Podcast Interview

Christine Tremoulet – A Photographer Podcast Interview

On today’s podcast, Matt interviews Christine about her new project, Instalocal. They’ve known eachother for years, via  FB blogger group, in which Matt claims they haven’t been kicked out yet because they behave themselves. Christine had been working as a digital strategist for years and started her own photography business in 2007. She was successful, 6 figures gross, in her first year and people wanted to know how she did it. Don’t miss her story and how she looks at using Instagram. You’ll want to listen in to hear how to get off the content treadmill. Listen to why you should have a personal and a business account and how you should use hashtags. Christine says the more information you put out there, the better. Put out things that connect on an emotional level or educates your potential clients. Christine is also speaking at WPPI 2020 so come see her!

Instagram: @ChristineTremoulet

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