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The Core of Community Building: Understanding Your Why
Episode 104th April 2024 • The Community Lab • Rachel Starr
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This episode of the Community Lab Podcast l delve into the significance of understanding and revisiting your 'why' in the context of creating and nurturing a community. I share my journey of creating my own community on Circle, emphasizing the importance of passion for connecting and assisting others as the foundation of her 'why'. I discusses the challenges of getting lost in content creation without focusing on community engagement and how revisiting the initial purpose can streamline efforts towards meaningful and profitable community building. The episode covers tactics for seasoned and new community builders alike, highlighting the role of personal passion, market needs, and a well-defined mission statement in crafting a successful community. I encourage listeners to niche down their market, share their own journey, and revisit their motivations for building a community to enhance member engagement and achieve their goals.

  • 01:56 The Power of 'Why' in Community Building
  • 02:56 My Journey: From Idea to Community Lab Creation
  • 04:28 Embracing the Freemium Model: My Approach to Community Engagement
  • 06:47 The Struggle and Breakthrough in Launching a Community
  • 11:54 Discovering Your 'Why': A Guide for New and Seasoned Community Builders
  • 15:18 Mission Statement Magic: Crafting Your Community's Purpose
  • 17:20 Niche Down to Rise Up: Identifying Your Ideal Community Members
  • 19:24 The Importance of Revisiting Your 'Why' for Community Engagement
  • 20:34 Join the Community Lab: An Invitation




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