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Dramas Over Flowers - Saya, Anisa, and Paroma EPISODE 100, 18th July 2021
100. Mailbag | We Answer Listener Questions!

100. Mailbag | We Answer Listener Questions!

Welcome to the first Q&A with Dramas Over Flowers! We decided to answer some interesting email questions on the podcast in celebration of our 100th episode. We have loved taking this journey together and we appreciate every listener who's joined us on the way. Please keep sending us these wonderful questions, so we can do another mailbag soon!

Time stamps (for the full questions, please visit the extended show notes here.)

00:02:55 - Dr Chi's first question

00:34:00 - Frances' question

00:44:00 - Sarah Hope's question

01:04:00 - Dr Chi's second question

01:09:00 - JustMe's question

01:15:00 - Kfangurl's question

Find our wonderful interview with Kfangurl in this episode!

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