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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 24th May 2021
Approaching Procurement with a Growth Mindset
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Approaching Procurement with a Growth Mindset

There are many paths people follow to start a career in procurement, but not a single one of them is a straight line. Although this can present challenges from a skills consistency perspective, more often than not, it actually serves to expand what procurement is capable of by ensuring that the team has a broad range of perspectives and experiences.

Over the last decade or so, procurement has ceased to be the place that people are sent so that they can’t do too much damage to the company. Procurement leaders are actively recruiting the best and brightest people from other functions and roles to join their ranks. Sam Achampong, the Regional Head and General Manager of the MENA Region for CIPS, is a perfect example. After playing a project management role in a cross-functional personnel rationalization effort, he was invited to join procurement. He accepted, and the rest is history.

In this episode of Dial P for Procurement, Sam tells special guest Kim Winter and co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton:

• Why he found Dubai to be uniquely refreshing when he first arrived there, and how he tries to apply that same perspective to procurement

• The valuable position and influence that come with being an official ‘Chartered institute’ and the additional expectations it creates, especially in a region with so many participating countries

• Why it is absolutely critical for procurement to be aligned with the overall business strategy and the various types of value that allows them to create for the organization

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