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700th Episode Milestone- 7 Trends [RR 700]
Episode 70010th December 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Key Talking Points

  • Donnie Hudson, 3 Location, Troy Auto Care, Troy, MI
    • Retaining great employees  
    • Listen to your employees and keep the morale up 
    • Flexible schedules 
    • Feedback- transparent communication 
    • Take care of your people and they will take care of you
  • AJ Nealey, Nealey Auto Service, Edgewater and Deale, MD
    • Talent mining (Finding superstars)
    • Hand in hand with retention
    • Your employees should be your biggest advocate and biggest fan
    • Do you have the right culture internally and align with your organization?
    • Can new hires be adaptable to a new culture they aren’t used to? 
    • Each role builds the company
  • Seth Thorson, Eurotech,  New Brighton, Woodbury, Medina, MN
    • Tesla Factor 
    • Electric cars break and need repair/maintenance- an opportunity
    • Tesla training starting to come to the market
    • “Service Mode” disables live view and summon capabilities
    • Don’t say no to EV’s
  • Dr. Laura Shwaluk, The Auto Shop, Plano, TX
    • Retaining great employees  
    • “Now Hiring” signs no longer work
    • 50-65% of workers that are currently working are either actively looking for a new job or open to a new job
    • How engaged are your employees with their work and the business?
    • When you lose an employee you lose productivity
    • Employees are looking for a “home”- core values, being appreciated, respect from owners and team members, integrity, achievement projects, sportsmanship
  • Emily Chung, AutoNiche, Markham, ON
    • Attracting the next generation 
    • By the time we talk to them about trades mid to late high school it's already too late. We need to get them interested at a younger age and get rid of the stigma with parents
    • Capturing the youth- by high school they have already formed their opinion of their career paths. 
    • How are you portraying your shop? What does it look like to the parents?
  • Keith Perkins, L1 Automotive Diagnostics, Tulsa, OK
    • Mobile Car Repair Trend (Vehicle Service)
    • Working on a car in someone’s driveway- unsafe
    • Over 60 google listings in the local area of Tulsa, OK, less than 10% are more than 4 years old of mobile auto repair business-wide acceptance 
    • Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist- individuals ready to perform repairs
    • What started this movement? Technicians that didn’t have a “home” 
    • Consider “concierge service” for picking up and driving back 
  • Colleen Yarger, Mark’s Independent Service, Chatsworth, CA
    • Aging fleet
    • Car shortage- people aren’t as willing to get new cars. 
    • 10-15 year old cars is the new niche- bigger tickets
    • Automobiles that are age 12 years or older are anticipated to increase by 15%
    • The number of vehicles 5 years old or less is predicted to increase by almost 25%.
    • Research shows in 2021, there will be an estimated 76 million vehicles aged 16 years or older in the United States.

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