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You Can’t Win If You’re Not in the Ring featuring John Renken, CEO of Sales Platoon
26th May 2023 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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The difference between violence and competition is the willing participation – or not – of the people involved. When UFC fighters step into the ring, that is a competition. Everyone is a willing participant, which makes it a sport. Unfortunately, there will always be abusive people in the world who will take advantage of people who are not willing participants in the fight, and because of that we need violence – and a well-trained military.

John Renken is the CEO of Sales Platoon. He spent three years in the Army, and was a member of the national Taekwondo team, ranked third in the nation. He then spent 20 years training Special Forces in hand-to-hand combat. Today he helps transitioning Veterans apply their skills to a different kind of combat: sales.

In this interview, John speaks with host Mary Kate Soliva about:

• The added challenge of transitioning out of the Army during a time of low public awareness and understanding about the value of military training

• How he connected with the team at Sales Platoon and became their CEO

• His advice for transitioning Veterans that are wondering whether they have the characteristics to be successful in sales

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