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TMI Lifestyle - You Don't Have a Mentor?! - Season 001 Episode 010
Episode 1022nd September 2020 • The Millennial Introvert Lifestyle • Yulanda Duff
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On this week's episode I chat to the wonderful Kim Strachan, People Director and seasoned mentor and mentoree on the ins and outs of mentorship. Kim helps me break down the concept of mentorship and brings fantastic insight on how everyone can benefit from a mentor relationship at any point in their career.

You don't want to miss this one as we take you out of season one of TMI Lifestyle with a bang - pen and paper at the ready because you'll want to note down these gems!

Check back in Tuesday 27th October for Season Two!

Where to find Kim:

@Kim Strachan on Linkedin

Where to find me:

@themillennial_introvert on Instagram