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Author Interviews: Mike Wyant, Jr.
Bonus Episode28th January 2022 • The Storyteller Series • Night Shift Radio
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This week, we’re talking with our Editor, Mike Wyant, Jr., whose story “Lavender Footsteps” was featured on our most recent episode of The Storyteller Series. You can listen to Mike's story by heading to

Mike Wyant Jr. is the Editor of The Storyteller Series and an ex-IT guy turned full-time writer with a soft spot for the cute and furry. When not being crawled over by his Writing Cat, Einie, he writes science fiction and fantasy with a focus on exploring mental illness and its repercussions.

Mike's work has been published in The Colored Lens, Aphotic Realm, and this story will also be in the upcoming anthology, 4th and Starlight.

You can find Mike pretty much anywhere with the handle "mikewyantjr," including Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon.

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