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57. Gender Roles in a Same-Sex Marriage with Mike Iamele
Episode 5716th December 2020 • The Imperfect Pod • The Imperfect Pod
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Gender roles in a same-sex marriage don't make sense, so how do break down chores? Does the idea of gender roles still exists? These are questions that we explore on today's episode. We discuss Mike's journey to discovering himself and how gender roles have affected his same-sex marriage, wedding and more!

About Mike:

Mike Iamele is a writer, life purpose expert, and brand strategist. With his proprietary Sacred Branding® system, he’s helped hundreds of people to connect the dots between their lived experiences to find the common threads that explain their subconscious motivations, unique genius, and life purpose. People use this work to explore identity and sexuality, to finding their artistic voice, to even re-discovering themselves after a life-altering event, like divorce or retirement. Mike’s also the author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms. You can connect with him on his website,, and access that worksheet he mentioned here. You can also connect with Instagram @mikeiamele.

Lastly, I’ve started a FB group called The Imperfect Group where we will continue all of these conversations about masculinity in a community dedicated to these topics. I have a few past guests as part of the group so you can get direct access to some of the most interesting people I’ve spoken to on this journey!