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Lauren Hanford on Add TACOS to your SBOM Combo Platter
Episode 189th August 2023 • daBOM • DJ Schleen
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Remember the X-Files television show? Dana Scully was one of the main characters - a brilliant FBI agent who worked on unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Often skeptical of the supernatural, she was always willing to keep an open mind, and she was also a great role model. 

She inspired many women in Technology, one of them being Lauren Hanford. Scully’s inspiration led Lauren into the field of Criminal Justice and Chemistry, and then she made a pivot into Computer Science, and Design. The catalyst being a desire to make doing homework easier.  

It’s funny how technology always finds us. 

Lauren has been a part of the open source community for years, and has a massive understanding of the space.

Recently, she brought the TACOS framework (Trusted Attestation and Compliance for Open Source) to the community to help assess the secure development practices of open source software. It’s a perfect companion to a software bill of materials. 

…and the name? It’s a nod to GUAC and to SLSA.  

Welcome back, to daBOM