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IOSH President Andrew Sharman and how What3Words protects lone workers
Episode 324th September 2020 • The Safety & Health Podcast • Informa Markets
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Professor Dr Andrew Sharman, Managing Partner of RMS Switzerland, author and President of IOSH shares his experiences of lockdown and talks about his latest book, One Percent Safer, described as an ‘anthology of the world’s best thought leaders, all in one place’. It contains 142 chapters, written by 142 different contributors, each one giving their best nugget of wisdom to make your organisation one percent safer.

Then, in the second part of the episode, we speak to Giles Rhys Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at What3Words about how the geocoding system can be used to keep lone workers safe. What3Words is being used by around 80% of the emergency services in the UK to help find an exact location quickly, and also allows lone and remote workers to check in with their employer when they arrive at a job, pinpointing their location to a 3x3m square, anywhere on the planet.

Click here to order your copy of One Percent Safer, all proceeds go to the One Percent Safer Foundation.

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