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The Karma Lady: Garz Chan
Episode 1619th February 2023 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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Garz is an energy healer, author, and teacher who has studied and is certified in over twenty different healing modalities, ranging from Reiki to 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing. Her purpose is to assist others in living their divine purpose and she uses a combination of different techniques to remove traumas, trapped emotions, and limiting core beliefs to enable people to manifest abundance, freedom, and joy. Her workshops empower empaths, highly sensitive people, and intuitives to learn various energy healing and psychic development modalities. Garz has written two children's books, The Kindness Guru and Flipper Feet Pete.

In this conversation, Lee and Garz discuss:

  • (07:59) Her appetite for learning which started with acting and dance, but then led her to energy healing.
  • (09:24) Her initial resistance to being a healer and how that was activated by her son.
  • (12:27) What happens in a session and how she is impacted energetically.
  • (18:00) The ways intense self-judgment and limiting beliefs factored in for several years and how the Universe kept guiding her despite those.
  • (24:40) How the desire to find a teacher for her son led her to teaching publicly and what motivates her to continue.
  • (30:46) Why she wrote her children's books The Kindness Guru and Flipper Feet Pete.

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