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Stop being my white knight
Episode 6217th February 2020 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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Aiight- I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of every time I go somewhere online or in person hearing about how I am oppressed - because I have a little more melanin in my skin then others.  I'm tired of turning my head and told how I am not equal to others because we had (and this is fact) a racism problem in the past in America.  Why should there be conferences where people with less melanin then me get together to flog themselves publicly to talk about how they need to be the ones to help me?  Why can I not be confident that all the conference invites, job promotions, achievements that I have - are because of my skill/ability and not because I am checking off a box on the company's/conference's/job's diversity quota.  
Let my work stand on or die on it's own - NOT on the amount of melanin I do or do not have in my skin.
This week I go over an article as an example of this problematic behavior.  That being said - the person who wrote it had good intentions.