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Carol Schultz - Building talent-centric organisations
26th June 2023 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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Resilience – Communication Style – Leadership Alignment – Performance –Talent-centric

In this episode of Resilience Unravelled, Dr Russell Thackeray talks to Carol Schultz a talent equity and leadership advisory expert. Recognised for her proficiency in corporate leadership, Carol has spent three decades helping executives gain clarity in their careers, make bold leadership moves, and create cultures of performance.

In this podcast Carol talks about her work helping companies build talent-centric organisations. She explains that leadership alignment is crucial to achieving this goal and that she often starts with discovery meetings to identify gaps in vision and communication. She also discusses generational differences in communication preferences, the importance of diversity for avoiding groupthink and the challenge of dealingwith conflict as a leader.

Carol also explains the importance of communication and coaching for effective workplace relationships. She believes that blind spot awareness is crucial for building a talent-centric organisation but acknowledges that not all successful organisations prioritise this. She also talks about the challenge of working with people who have different beliefs or backgrounds, and how to navigate personal issues in the workplace. Finally, she mentions her book "Powered by People," which focuses on recruitment, retention, and revenue in talent-centric organisations.

 Main topics

  • discovering gaps in vision, business strategy, and communication
  • the differences in communication between generations
  • the importance of effective communication and understanding
  • coaching to uncover blind spots and give AHA moments
  • getting leadership teams aligned so they can take action on other matters
  • the need for effective team communication
  • understanding the preferred communication style of team members
  • addressing personal issues that may affect an employee's performance in the workplace
  • why leadership teams should be open to conversations about improving organisational performance


1: Introduction and Guest Introduction (0:00-0:24)

2: Aligning Leadership Teams (0:50-2:58)

3: Communication Differences (3:06-4:37)

4: Effective Communication Strategies (5:20-6:35)

5: Coaching for Improved Communication (15:06-17:16)

6: Overcoming Personal Biases (18:10-20:47)

7: Addressing Organisational Issues (21:03-23:26)

8: Guest's Book and Interview (25:09-27:39)

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