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The 2000s
Episode 125th January 2023 • Processing the Past • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Segment 1: music

-2000s Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne 

-both being quite different in their music in style but still gaining millions of fans over songs like “toxic” and “girlfriend” 

- Avril was significantly younger than Britney, 

-she did really call out to teenagers and many people became huge fans, she was 17 when she debut her first song “complicated” 

-Avril still sings sometimes today and is in great shape

-other genres like rap were still thriving and artist like eminem came into the spotlight and stole the show, now 50 he still has a great voice and did perform at last years superbowl

Segment 2: fashion

-Recently for the past year or so “y2k” fashion has been extremely trendy and popular, but nobody does it better than actually in the year 2000

-It was filled with glam and shiny belts, low rise jeans, and many of these may sound familiar to you because they're still in many stores trying to relive y2k

-Britney Spears had a massive influence on these clothing trends and y2k fashion

-Movies like Mean girls, which was in 2004 also impacted fashion a lot considering the main characters always dressed up in high heels, short skirts and yoga pants

-this era was a time of trial and error, not all y2k trends coming back, and some should be left as history, such as jeans under dresses

Segment 3: Art

-As art progresses, more genres and more ways of expressing seem possible, every decade as we go seems to not only be paper artwork anymore

-architecture and rooms are also art 

-I mainly want to talk about exhibitions, more than pieces themselves, 

-Psychedelia / Psychedelic art and exhibitions, transforming you and bringing you into another universe or state of mind

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