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Ep 6 | The Eternal, Single Source of Truth by Helen Tanner, Founder & CEO at Data Cubed
Episode 61st December 2020 • Driven by Data: The Podcast • Orbition Group
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In Episode 6 of Driven by Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Helen Tanner, Founder and CEO of Data Cubed, where they discuss how organisations can get to the eternal, single source of truth.

Having helped numerous organisations to establish a single source/view of their reality, Helen takes us through how she guides her clients to get there and some of the common challenges/findings she uncovers, which includes:

  • Why it's become the "holy grail"
  • What the key benefits of obtaining it are
  • The obstacles/challenges in getting there
  • What the process of establishing it looks like
  • How much investment is required
  • The timescales to do so
  • Why most executives have misconceptions about their business
  • How to overcome those difficult conversations
  • Why it's nice to be bale to tell executives things they don't know about their business