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Romance and Redemption
Episode 1434th January 2022 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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Intro to the Book of Ruth in this, the first episode of Moments with Moni in the New Year 2022~ with Bonus Episodes on Bread Making

1:30 Recommended Supply List:

Bible, Notebook or Journal, Pencil or pen, cup of tea or coffee is optional

A Book mark is Available FREE for Download at Moments with Moni on the S.O.A.P. method

3:40 Intro to Ruth, An Epic Tale of Romance to Redemption

Takes place at the tale end of the reign of the Judges when everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Sounds like today doesn't it?

Ruth is a picture of the Church

Naomi a picture of Israel

Boaz is a picture of a Kinsman Redeemer

How does all that work together, and how does it apply to my life?

9:15 A short intro to historical background behind Ruth

God is involved in the day to day details of our lives and cares for His people.

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