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Marvel's Spider-man 2 Deep Discussions: Hit or Flop ft. Alejandro Segovia
23rd November 2023 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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Marvel's Spider-man 2 Deep Discussions: Hit or Flop ft. Alejandro Segovia

In this episode, our host Sebastion Mauldin is once again joined by today’s guest, Alejandro Segovia, a lifelong gamer, video game journalist and co-host of The X Button podcast.

Sebastion has been a lifelong Marvel fan, Ever since he could understand words he's been reading comics, watching superhero shows and movies. His guest today Alejandro, has a simalar background. So Sebastion knew that he was the perfect guest to do a deepest Discussions episode with.

In this episode, they talk about the highs, lows, and everything in-between for Marvel's Spider-man 2.

Whether you’ve played the game already and want to hear about the experience again, or you want to know the ins and outs of this game before purchasing, tune in to hear more!

Tune in to learn about dope games to have in your video game backlog.

Sebastion and Alejandro dive into it and more on this episode of the Single Player Experience Podcast.

Check out Alejandro's website here, and follow him on Twitter!

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