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Sebastiaan Hooft at A Darker Wave | 9 September 2023
Episode 2710th September 2023 • Techno Live Sets: Underground Frequencies • Techno Live Sets
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In this electrifying episode of Techno Live Sets, we have the privilege to host the renowned techno artist Sebastiaan Hooft. Brace yourself for a masterfully crafted set that embodies the spirit of underground techno and takes it a step further, blending in audacious acid influences, making Sebastiaan's music an immersive journey of rich soundscapes.

About Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft is not just a DJ but an institution in the techno scene. With a career spanning decades, he has stayed true to the roots of techno, constantly evolving while retaining the authentic vibes that define the genre. Sebastiaan's notable influences of acid elements add a depth and complexity that uniquely define each set, making it a must-experience for veteran techno enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

His commitment to authenticity extends beyond music into a holistic lifestyle that promotes health, wellness, and a balanced approach to life. Sebastiaan stands as a beacon inspiring and energizing fans through captivating techno music and his healthy lifestyle narratives.

Connect with Sebastiaan

Instagram: sebastiaanhooft

Website: Sebastiaan Hooft's Official Website

Twitter: sebastiaanhooft

YouTube: Sebastiaan Hooft YouTube Channel

The Midnight Project

Engage more profoundly with the rhythmic narratives of techno with "The Midnight Project," Sebastiaan's widely recognized techno podcast. Ideal for injecting a high-energy vibe into workouts, runs, or drives, each episode is a curated journey through fresh releases and undiscovered techno gems.

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