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Is Instagram Dead? | The Future of Social Media in 2023 Predictions
Episode 16619th October 2022 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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As we and the world evolve, so too does the power of social media. And while we have the blessing to work with this technology, it's also important that we honor ourselves and our energy. Lately, the majority of people have been frustrated with the performance of Instagram and the topic and question of many conversations when they talk about the platform... is Instagram dead?

In this episode, I talk about...

◆ What brings about a successful social media channel

◆ What's been killing Instagram

◆ What trends are happening with Facebook / Instagram / and the Meta at large that are impacting the platform on a greater scale

◆ Where the future success of social media is headed in 2023

◆ What real sovereignty in the Golden Age of technology looks like

◆ Stay tuned until the end for the key element to future success with social media


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