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Leander Moons on Mass Timber Construction in Africa
Episode 6624th April 2024 • Charter Cities Podcast • Kurtis Lockhart
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Imagine Africa built their infrastructure using the same systems as the Western World. Embracing sustainability is a critical element of building a greener future for Africa and the world. Leander Moons is the Founding Owner of Studio OMT Architects, a mass timber architecture and urban design firm working in Africa and Europe. During this episode, he joins us to chat about building in Africa in collaboration with local communities. We discuss the rising industry of mass timber and its potential impact on the future of construction. We explore the opportunities and sustainability considerations for scaling timber construction in Africa, and the various projects in development by Leander's firm in Fumba Town Zanzibar; including Africa's tallest timber tower. Join us for an insightful conversation filled with hope for the impact of green choices in Africa on the world beyond its borders. Thank you for listening.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background on Leander Moons, Founding Owner of Studio OMT Architects.
  • What mass timber is and where it is predominantly used. 
  • Considerations for combining modern materials with traditional methods.
  • Barriers to developing a more robust local timber production industry.
  • Sustainable practices in Tanzania and capitalizing on the lifecycle of a tree.
  • Restoring forest life in the plantations and forests that have been lost due to monoculture.
  • Research into the new products of engineered and mass timber.
  • Tree engineering, breeding, and designing and associated challenges. 
  • How Leander came to work in this industry in Africa.
  • Promoting sustainability and local investment through landmark projects.
  • The cost curve of timber as a raw material.
  • A projected timeline of adoption for timber on a larger scale.
  • How financing creates a blockage.
  • Projects in planning including the CheiChei housing project.
  • The importance of building sustainably in Africa and interacting meaningfully with the local communities. 

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