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Episode 2- Can I Build A Profitable and Successful Business Doing What I love in 2021?
Episode 224th May 2021 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Can I Build A Profitable and Successful Business Doing What I love in 2021? - Interview with James Wedmore

James Wedmore, entrepreneur, business coach, and host of the Mind Your Business Podcast went from a broke bartender to a multimillion dollar online mentor, but he realized that money wasn't worth anything if it didn't also bring fulfilment. He teaches you how to validate your idea by selling first, how asking better questions that can radically change your results, how to provide immeasurable value by changing the way we see the world, and how to let yourself be guided by what you love and how to choose happiness irrespective of outside circumstances.

Key Topics

  • About James
  • Taking Advice
  • Building a Business on Something You Are Passionate About
  • How to test your business idea in 90 days or less
  • I have a number of projects I am working on, what do I do?
  • Transitioning from a job(s) to working fulltime in your business
  • Interpretation and Relationship with Happiness
  • Final Thoughts


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Episode 3

In the next Episode I explore all things money and why now is a one of a kind opportunity to create wealth, irrespective of how little you may have.