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Ducks Unlimited 2023 Event 101
Episode 1015th April 2023 • Smoking Underground • John Viviani
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Smoking Underground discusses Ducks Unlimited's 2023 Scotch and Cigar Event at Good People Brewing with organizer David Patton. We smoke the 20 Acre Farm Robusto by Drew Estates. Gary and Devin review the cigar and show how to remove the cedar rap and light the cigar. Devin also discussed pairing a cigar with a tequila.

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00:00John: Smoking Underground.

alk about the Ducks Unlimited:

00:04John: Scotch and Cigar Event at Good People Brewing

00:07John: the 20-acre farm, Robusto, by Drew Estates.

00:10John: We'll give you a little bit of feedback on that.

00:12John: Pairing tequilas and vodkas with your cigar.

00:14John: Gary.

00:16Gary: What's better than smoking underground?

00:24Gary: Ducks Unlimited.

00:27Gary: Episode, Ducks on 20-acre Farm.

00:34Gary: Whack, whack, got a light.

00:38Gary: Hello and welcome once again to Smoking Underground.

00:48Gary: Today we will be smoking the Drew Estates 20-acre farm.

00:57Gary: Oh, yeah.

00:58Gary: This bad boy.

01:00Gary: Yeah.

01:01Gary: I'm taking a sniff of it right now.

01:03Gary: And I got to say, I have been impressed with just the smell.

01:07Gary: I haven't lit it up yet.

01:08Gary: Yeah.

01:09Devin: What do you think there, Mr. Gary, about it so far?

01:12Devin: Oh, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.

01:16Devin: That one right there, I will buy again.

01:19Devin: I will buy that one again.

01:22Devin: That one right there, of course, you know, but man, I'm telling you, that was good right

01:26Devin: there.

01:27Devin: Drew Estate Master Blend Willie Herrera constructed on a 20-acre farm.

01:32Devin: Man, golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

01:35Devin: Man, sungrown Honduran Bono, Nicaraguan, Esteli and jalapa all mixed into one.

01:44Devin: My God, it's good, dude.

01:47Gary: Lord have mercy, it's tasty.

01:49Gary: I've got a caveat to your description there.

01:51Gary: Oh, I'm ready.

01:53Gary: You said sungrown.

01:55Devin: I did.

01:57Devin: I am going to add to that because of the way this thing smells.

02:03Devin: Golden sungrown.

02:05Devin: Golden sungrown.

02:06Devin: Okay.

02:07Gary: Because there's like sungrown and this makes me think a little bit of the Alfonzo.

02:12Gary: That particular smell that I'm getting, it's a very rich smell.

02:16Gary: I'm going to start reclassifying.

02:17Devin: If I smell that on a cigar and it's labeled sungrown, I'm going to say golden sungrown.

02:22Devin: Golden sungrown.

02:23Devin: Okay.

02:24Devin: So it's going to be a, it's going to be a, what do you call it?

02:27Devin: A Devon.

02:28Devin: Devonism.

02:29Devin: Devonism.

02:30Devin: That's it right there.

02:31Devin: It's going to be a Devonism.

02:32Devin: And we can always use Devonisms.

02:33Devin: We can always use that.

02:35Devin: But yeah, man, that, that one you'll be, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

02:39Devin: And I'll tell you what that one reminds me of.

02:42Devin: That one right there reminds me, it reminds me a lot of the Camacho Connecticut, the My

02:46Devin: Father Connecticut.

02:49Devin: And that's what it sort of reminds me of in some sense.

02:54Devin: In this particular case, it's got a little bit more of an undertone of sweetness to it.

03:00Devin: Yes, it does.

03:01Devin: A little bit more of an undertone of sweetness to it.

03:04Devin: And that's what appealed to me, you know, so I was very enlightened to it.

03:10Devin: And you know, of course it's got that cedar rap on the outside where you can literally

03:15Devin: take the cedar rap off if you wanted to.

03:17Devin: Careful with the tape, but I mean, if you can remove the tape of it, whatever else,

03:22Devin: then you can like the cedar rap to light your cigar with.

03:25Devin: And that actually on this particular blend, being in Ecuador and Connecticut, you would,

03:30Devin: I think you would thoroughly enjoy it better that way myself.

03:34Devin: Yeah.

03:35Devin: So just FYI in that right there.

03:38Devin: It's my two cents.

03:41Gary: So cash it.

03:42Gary: A quick technical note to the tape and stuff that they put on this, a little insider's

03:47Gary: trading is the best way to handle it, especially if you've got tape going all the way down

03:51Gary: the spine of the cedar.

03:54Gary: Instead of trying to peel the tape off, which you're never going to do successfully, just

03:58Gary: grab the top where the tape's at and then just pull it down, like unzip it and it'll

04:01Gary: come right off.

04:02Gary: And it'll separate the cedar into two pieces.

04:04Gary: Very good.

04:05Devin: I highly recommend that.

04:06Devin: Awesome.

04:07Gary: Thank you for that insight, Mr. Dave.

04:09Gary: Split it into two pieces.

04:11Gary: Use the first one to light it.

04:12Gary: And then when you got to do a purge about midway through, use it again.

04:16Devin: And you're going to get it all the way through.

04:18Devin: Are you going to light it with it?

04:19Devin: You are, aren't you?

04:20Devin: Oh, look at you.

04:21Devin: Oh boy.

04:22Devin: Look at you.

04:23Devin: Sweet.

04:24Devin: What do you think?

04:25Devin: Off the top.

04:26Devin: What do you think?

04:27Devin: Off the top.

04:28Devin: What do you think?

04:29Gary: Oh my God.

04:30Gary: It has this nice, this nice caramely, vanilla-y kind of smooth, creamy flavor to it.

04:37Gary: Like with the cedar, because it complements it.

04:39Gary: Like, in my opinion, when you get a cigar that has a cedar wrap on it, it's designed

04:46Gary: specifically for that, for the flavor combo, for the light and the purge relight.

04:52Gary: I like that.

04:54Gary: Cause you're getting the nice, you're getting the nice smells of white and the cedar in

04:57Gary: general.

04:58Gary: Then you're getting the pulls of it inside the tube.

05:01Gary: That is the cigar.

05:03Gary: And I tell you, if they have this cigar in the Ducks Unlimited pack that we'll be talking

05:09Gary: about here shortly, that would be well worth its money.

05:12Gary: I don't know what's going to be in there, but man, would it be great if it was in there?

05:16Devin: I'd come there just for that.

05:18Devin: I will say something here though.

05:20Devin: I am very pleased.

05:21Devin: I used to not be, and I'm going to sound like a snob, but I don't care.

05:26Devin: I used to be a very hard anti-drill estate fan.

05:31Devin: Same.

05:32Devin: Yeah, right.

05:33Devin: So, you know, they concentrated on just the flavored stuff, just the acid, so on and so

05:39Devin: on and so on.

05:41Devin: And I was like, ah, and then they come out with, you know, Steve Saka showed up and said,

05:45Devin: hey, listen, you know, I don't know, I don't know how that relationship with him and Jonathan

05:50Devin: went, but they have come a long, long way with what they have.

05:56Devin: And they have, they've literally stepped up and done some really good stuff, man.

06:02Devin: I mean, really good stuff.

06:05Devin: And they're not stopping, man.

06:06Devin: They're not stopping.

06:07Devin: They just keep on keeping on, man.

06:10Gary: They hit hit or miss with me sometimes when you get to that, some of their lower end,

06:14Gary: you're just like, meh, okay.

06:15Gary: But when they, when they really decide to step up and do something, they do it as you

06:19Gary: would expect from professionals like them.

06:21Gary: Right.

06:22Gary: I have no complaints with this.

06:23Gary: And today I am enjoying this with a nice Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila.

06:29Gary: Really?

06:30Gary: Cool.

06:31Gary: Yeah.

06:32Gary: You see, you see that announcement of the libation had a nice little ring to it as I

06:36Devin: was doing it.

06:37Devin: Yes.

06:38Gary: That's how it goes.

06:39John: That's the sound effects, the top quality sound effects we have here today.

06:42John: Hey, I was doing stuff over here to do to do.

06:46John: Yeah.

06:48John: So most people wouldn't.

06:49John: I've had other sound effects.

06:52Gary: And just so you know, get it, John.

06:55Gary: Most people really wouldn't think that tequila kind of goes with cigars.

07:01Gary: But when you have a good tequila, which I highly recommend this one, you get it at Costco,

07:07Gary: it will it'll change your it'll change the way you look at stuff.

07:11Gary: Because in my opinion, tequila has two two avenues and the same tequila can have both

07:18Gary: avenues.

07:19Gary: Most do.

07:20Gary: You have that shot worthy, get you drunk, nice kind of buzz, blah, blah, blah.

07:24Devin: Then you got you got this, which I'm using it as a refreshing, nice weather out, cool.

07:32Devin: It's wonderful and it fits perfectly.

07:35Devin: That's one thing that I did not know that you really cared about was tequila.

07:40Devin: I love tequila.

07:42Devin: Really?

07:44Devin: That's that's one thing that I had no clue about.

07:48Devin: So because I've always heard you talk about either whiskey or bourbon or scotch or something

07:55Devin: like that.

07:56Devin: But now, OK, so now and you've probably already done this.

08:01Devin: Chances are you probably already have.

08:03Gary: Have you? You've done a vodka with it, right?

08:06Gary: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

08:07Gary: Yeah. And vodka is a little harsher.

08:08Gary: I'll be honest with you.

08:09Gary: Is it in the sense that you have good vodka?

08:13Gary: Don't get me wrong.

08:14Gary: You do it. You do a sit down taste test.

08:16Gary: You've got good straight up vodka.

08:18Gary: Sure. But for the most part, I haven't really found a vodka that just straight up.

08:25Gary: No, no rocks on it.

08:26Gary: Just straight up.

08:27Gary: You're like, I want to drink this vodka with a cigar.

08:30Gary: I've never found that to be the case.

08:32Gary: Now, Moscow Mule, different story, but I'm not talking to mixed drinks.

08:36Gary: I'm talking just straight.

08:37Gary: Now, tequila, on the other hand, has such a botanical flavor to it that it kind of

08:44Gary: goes well with medium to light cigars.

08:48Devin: So medium to light, some mild to medium.

08:51Devin: They are OK.

08:52Devin: Yeah. All right.

08:53Devin: Well, that's that's interesting.

08:55Devin: I wouldn't have known that.

08:56Devin: So that's pretty neat.

08:58Devin: So would it would it be fair to say that that's pretty much all of the vodkas?

09:05Devin: Would you say are some of them more harsh than others?

09:08Gary: There are some vodkas that are way more harsh than than others that are just

09:12Gary: they'll be honest with you, they're garbage drinks, but got you down to tequila.

09:18Gary: You've got good tequila.

09:19Gary: You got bad tequila's.

09:21Gary: But for the most part, the stuff you buy is going to be fine.

09:24Gary: And I highly recommend the Kirkland one.

09:26Gary: And it really goes well with this 20 acres.

09:30Gary: And you can't beat it.

09:31Gary: I mean, you got a price point of like about 12, 13 dollars.

09:34Gary: Right. It's perfect.

09:36Gary: I'll be honest.

09:36Gary: I mean, you can have a whiskey with it.

09:38Gary: But I think what I'm talking about here is the pairing aspect of

09:42Gary: is it too harsh?

09:43Gary: Is your whiskey too harsh?

09:45Gary: Do you want a hardcore whiskey that's got a nice bite to it?

09:48Gary: Yeah. And then you got this nice, smooth cigar.

09:51Gary: Do you like the counterbalance, the yin and the yang?

09:54Devin: Me personally, I don't. I like smooth on smooth.

09:56Devin: OK. OK. Really?

09:59Devin: OK. Well, that's one for our listeners there.

10:02Devin: I think that's very intriguing.

10:04Devin: OK. Yeah.

10:06Devin: So that's that's pretty neat.

10:07Devin: So that actually works out well, would you now in doing about?

10:11Gary: Well, let me ask you this, first of all, what do you think about the band?

10:16Gary: So the band on this 20 acres is simple.

10:18Gary: The background is all like solid white.

10:20Gary: It's not really an eggshell white. It's a plain white.

10:23Gary: And then it's got some nice, normal, some red, some red top reds.

10:27Gary: And then it's got kind of a finished gold, not a gloss gold,

10:31Gary: but around it, it says the Florida Sungrown

10:36Gary: by Drew Estates in the gold.

10:38Gary: And it says Acres 20 Farms, so 20 Acre Farms.

10:42Gary: And it's simple. It looks like a classic cigar band.

10:46Gary: It does, doesn't it?

10:47Gary: Yeah, that's what I like about it.

10:49Gary: And the one thing I really like that Drew Estates does is like a seal on a letter.

10:53Gary: They have their Drew Estates circle, you know, the bridge, the archway.

10:58Gary: They have that at the end of the band.

11:00Gary: So when they wrap the band up, you know, around the whole cigar,

11:04Gary: it looks almost like, bam, sealed with the Drew Estates symbol.

11:09Gary: And it's also in gold.

11:10Gary: I mean, it's simple.

11:12Gary: Don't get me wrong. I like a row of bands and I like CLE bands

11:15Gary: and really complex, crazy detailed stuff.

11:18Devin: But sometimes you just want a classic simple is better.

11:23Devin: Exactly right. Yeah, man. Yeah.

11:25Devin: Kind of like John simple is better.

11:27Devin: That's what I'm saying.

11:28Devin: Dad, go on simple and perfect.

11:30Devin: So, yeah, you're something like that.

11:34Devin: Yeah, you go.

11:35Devin: John's humbleness. Oh, my goodness.

11:39Gary: And now to step a little bit more into the cigar smoking.

11:44Gary: And the reason for the episode is we're going to have a good conversation

11:48Gary: with Mr. David, and he is going to be able to like lay out

11:52Gary: the Ducks Unlimited event at Good People.

11:54Gary: And what's great about this event is

11:58Gary: everything, I'll be honest, everything is great about it.

12:00Gary: But there's an aspect to you if you want to get a little bit practical.

12:03Gary: If you don't care like the wetlands, you have no opinion about it whatsoever.

12:09Gary: It doesn't matter. They do help with it.

12:11Gary: And you're you're doing a good event.

12:14Gary: You know, $60 tickets online, $70 at the door.

12:18Gary: You can go to smoking underground dot com slash ducks.

12:22John: It's much easier than their website.

12:24John: Their website is ducks dot org forward slash Alabama forward slash events.

12:29Devin: And you've got to scroll around a little bit.

12:31Devin: Yeah, it's a little more complex, but we'll have it in the description below.

12:35Devin: Why can you for the podcast?

12:37Devin: Yeah. And I see here that they got free valet parking.

12:43Gary: I got to take advantage of it this year.

12:45Gary: I'm not having what happened last year.

12:46Gary: You'll find out.

12:47Gary: So here's here's the discussion.

12:49Gary: Without further ado, here's the discussion with Mr.

12:51Gary: David Patton on Ducks Unlimited and my embarrassment with parking.

12:57Gary: Oh, and look what we have today.

12:59Gary: We got something special.

13:01Gary: There is an unlimited ducks.

13:02Gary: I mean, a ducks unlimited here.

13:04Gary: We got an event coming up.

13:05Gary: It comes up every year.

13:07Gary: And we just happen to have the main man himself, Mr.

13:10David: David Patton. What's up, David?

13:12David: Good afternoon.

13:14David: Thank you so much for having me and our group come on to this podcast

13:18David: and get a chance to talk about our event on the 24th.

13:21David: Am I correct?

13:22David: It's going to be a good people, is that right?

13:24David: That's right. So this is the Scotch and Cigar event

13:29David: for Ducks Unlimited here in Birmingham.

13:32David: And it'll be held at the Good People Brewery on the 24th of April,

13:36David: starting at about 530.

13:37David: And then we'll have everything wrapped up probably around eight.

13:41Gary: So really looking forward to have everyone there.

13:44Gary: Excellent. Now, one thing I want to make sure to stress to everybody

13:47Gary: listening is watch where you park

13:50Gary: and make sure you park in the right spot, because I got towed last year.

13:54Gary: Did you really?

13:55Gary: Did you? Oh, my God.

13:56Gary: In one spot in the wrong spot and left.

13:58David: Oh, no. I had no clue.

14:01David: To that end, Devon, I want to I want to emphasize to your audience,

14:05David: we do have free valet parking.

14:07David: So that's something that I want to make sure that you know.

14:11David: And the rest of your audience knows that you pull up to in front of good people.

14:15David: We've got free valet parking.

14:17David: That's part of the deal, along with all the other accoutrements

14:21David: that come with the with the ticket price.

14:24David: I know that parking here at Good People can be a challenge.

14:27David: And so we've tried to take that challenge out of it.

14:30Gary: Definitely won't be making that mistake again.

14:33Gary: And so what I'm seeing is it's $60 in advance, $70 at the door.

14:37Gary: And what exactly like does that get you in the pack

14:40David: that they're going to hand you at the door?

14:42David: Yeah. So great question.

14:44David: And what we're really trying to do is provide, you know,

14:47David: your audience just a great value.

14:49David: So for that $60 in advance, you get access to the event.

14:53David: You'll get to two beer tickets, so you'll get two drinks there at Good People.

14:58David: So whatever it is that you want from the bar.

15:01David: We've got Porky's Pride.

15:02David: That's going to be the food truck.

15:04David: And so you'll be able to get a meal with that.

15:07David: As I mentioned before, you also get free valet parking.

15:10David: And then thanks to cigars and more, we couldn't do this without them.

15:16David: Everyone is part of the ticket package will get a sampler of cigars.

15:22David: If you think about that, two to three hours worth of entertainment on a Monday,

15:28David: two beers, dinner, parking, you know, and three or four cigars.

15:33Gary: I don't think you can find a better deal.

15:35Gary: Sounds like it. I mean, I've had a great time every time I've been.

15:38Gary: The people are wonderful.

15:40Gary: I remember the first year I went, we got rained out hardcore.

15:43Gary: Oh, yeah. We still were all there.

15:45Gary: We all huddled under the thing.

15:46Gary: It's it doesn't stop it from happening.

15:48David: Rain or shine, be there.

15:50David: Yeah, rain or shine.

15:51David: We do it outside.

15:52David: So we in the loading dock, the old loading dock for good people.

15:56David: So it's outside.

15:57David: So if you guys want to light up, you know, we're we do this event so you can.

16:03David: Can't you buy more raffle tickets while you're there?

16:05David: Is that right? Yes.

16:06David: So that ticket price gets you into the door.

16:09David: The way we operate, we've got one set of live auction items.

16:13David: So we'll be doing that in a traditional live auction format.

16:17David: And then we've got several raffle opportunities for for everybody.

16:21David: Packages will vary at the low end.

16:24David: We'll have what we call a card raffle.

16:27David: So or a banner, a banner raffle.

16:29David: And that will be twenty dollars for a ticket.

16:32David: And basically, we go through a deck of cards and then we give away a prize.

16:36David: And once we finish that deck, we we roll up another one.

16:39David: So 20 bucks, it's a value,

16:42David: you know, a value for people that don't want to spend a whole lot.

16:45David: And for the raffle tables, we've got two packages available.

16:48David: One is one hundred fifty dollars, which will give you tickets

16:53David: to apply to our raffle tables, which are also I think we've got a pretty good

16:57David: spread for the raffle tables.

17:00David: The three hundred dollar package, we're only selling 30 of them.

17:04David: Wow. With that package, you will get a ticket for a one and thirty chance

17:09David: at a special gun.

17:11David: And let me let me pull that up just to.

17:14David: Oh, you've got I've got the the list here.

17:16David: So you can. Wow.

17:18David: I'll be I'll be a little bit more specific than I was able to be last year.

17:23David: Come on, come on.

17:25David: For that, for that one and thirty chance, that's going to be at

17:28David: for a Benelli super black eagle.

17:31David: We want to gauge all three hundred dollars

17:35David: will give you a lot of raffle tickets for all the tables.

17:39David: And we've got some really good tables, plus a one and thirty chance at that

17:44David: at that gun.

17:45David: The there's one other raffle that I want to mention, and that is

17:51David: we call the bottle raffle.

17:52David: So we've got some special bourbon bottles

17:55David: that are going to be etched with our logo on it.

17:59David: And there's only to ask about that one.

18:00David: It's only going to be 10 bottles.

18:03David: So what that bottle does, and it'll be three hundred fifty dollars for that.

18:07David: That'll give you a one in ten chance at a Christensen Mesa

18:12David: honey rifle. I think that's in six point five Creedmoor.

18:15David: It's a really nice gun.

18:17David: It also includes a loophole scope on it.

18:21David: It's it's really nice.

18:22David: So that'll be a one in ten chance at being able to get that firearm.

18:27David: I don't think that our prices are unreasonable.

18:29David: And what you get for it is going to be pretty nice.

18:33Gary: We talk about raffle and the whole event and everything like that.

18:35Gary: And it being reasonable.

18:38Gary: What are the funds going to not maybe not exactly, but specifically

18:42Gary: so they can know exactly where these raffle money gets applied to?

18:49David: Thank you so much for that question, because this is a Ducks Unlimited event.

18:53David: And the money raised by Ducks Unlimited goes into

18:57David: habitat conservation for waterfowl, specifically

19:02David: into the wetlands here in all of North America.

19:06David: The way Ducks Unlimited operates is we go out and try to influence

19:12David: the preservation, conservation and use of America's wetlands

19:16David: along the along the waterfowl flyways.

19:20David: I've got some statistics here, but last year in Alabama,

19:24David: we raised almost seven hundred thousand dollars, of which you and your

19:29David: viewers that came to the event helped to contribute to last year.

19:33David: This year, it's been a great year.

19:35David: I think we're up over a million dollars for this fiscal year.

19:40David: This event will really this event will contribute to that.

19:43David: Now, one of the things that you'll also need to know that Ducks

19:47David: Unlimited does a really good job with the fundraising.

19:50David: Over 88 percent of the funds raised by, you know,

19:55David: by volunteers like myself and my team go back into the ground

19:59David: or into programs to help preserve the wetlands.

20:04David: A real high efficiency there.

20:06David: On top of that, we work really well with state

20:10David: and federal agencies, both in the United States and in Canada

20:14David: and also Mexico, to help match those dollars.

20:18David: The dollars that we raise on that Monday night on the 24th,

20:23David: really, you can multiply that almost by four to know what the true impact

20:28David: of that that money is going to be.

20:29David: And it will be applied both here in the state of Alabama,

20:33David: as well as where our ducks and waterfowl come from.

20:37David: Right now, they're in their breeding season up in a lot of the ducks

20:40David: that we end up seeing here in Alabama from Ontario.

20:44David: So that's where the money goes to help make sure that those areas are concerned.

20:49David: It's a good cause.

20:50David: It helps out the waterfowl.

20:52David: But in addition to that, the wetlands are Mother Nature's kidneys.

20:56David: So if you like, you know, clean water, you know, this has a lot of impacts

21:01David: across a lot of things, not just waterfowl.

21:04David: So appreciate your all support.

21:07Gary: Very, very much appreciated from you as well, sir.

21:10Devin: The other question is not going to buy it.

21:12Devin: He's not going to buy it. Don't worry. He's OK.

21:15Gary: The other question I had was kind of the counter question of that,

21:18Gary: because obviously this this was set up to help.

21:22Gary: Hypothetically, if it hadn't have come around and you guys

21:24Gary: aren't doing what you're doing,

21:26David: where what do you think the state of all that would be right now?

21:29David: That's a really good question.

21:32David: And probably, you know, when you think about the development

21:35David: that's happened in America's wetlands, a lot of them, you know, would be disappearing.

21:40David: If it if it weren't for volunteers to step in

21:44David: and to make sure that, you know, the habitat remains around for for the waterfowl,

21:50David: but not just for the waterfowl, but for everything.

21:53David: And Ducks Unlimited, it's not

21:56David: it's a conservation organization, not a preservation organization.

22:00David: So we work with businesses, farmers, agriculture

22:06David: so that we're using the land in a good way,

22:08David: but in a way that is going to provide habitat for the wildlife so they don't disappear.

22:14Gary: You're talking long term.

22:15Gary: This is long term planning and you couldn't ask for anything better.

22:19Gary: I'll be honest with you.

22:20Gary: You're it does good and we get to have a good event.

22:23David: I mean, there's that's a win win.

22:25David: Well, yeah.

22:26David: So, I mean, that's the name of the game is obviously as an organizer,

22:31David: I want to raise a lot of money.

22:33David: But we also want to make this a great experience for the people that show up.

22:38David: We understand that this group may not be duck hunters.

22:44David: May not be waterfowlers.

22:45David: And that's fine. It's you come on out.

22:48David: We've got stuff for everybody.

22:50David: As I've told some people, we might be better called be called the ATF

22:54David: chapter because we're going to provide, you know, alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

22:59David: You know, if you like one or any combination of three,

23:01David: you are going to find something that you'll enjoy at this event,

23:06David: as well as, you know, we've got stuff for the significant other or

23:11David: and one of our most popular tables is tailgating table.

23:13David: So, yeah, that's a winner.

23:16David: Take all we're going to give you a tent, a couple of chairs, cooler stove.

23:20David: I'm working on getting a TV for the event.

23:24David: That's winner take all.

23:25Gary: And you get to get to take that home.

23:28Gary: Gotcha. Yeah, that's a buddy of mine.

23:31Gary: He was there last year and he did the banner one for 20 bucks.

23:34Gary: He took home a pellet grill.

23:35Gary: Oh, yeah. But yeah. Yep.

23:39Gary: OK. How about that?

23:41Gary: Well, I think that hits a lot of notes there.

23:44Gary: I think we're looking good so far.

23:45Gary: What are some of the other major sponsors that help out with this

23:48David: besides good people and yourself?

23:50David: Yeah. So good people, they give us the event, the space to use.

23:55David: And they've been a great partner.

23:57David: Cigars and more.

23:58David: We could not do this event without without them,

24:02David: because they do provide the cigars, the samplers that

24:07David: everyone's going to get a chance to chance to enjoy.

24:10David: Watts Realty is who provides us the the valet parking.

24:15David: So, again, that's one of those things we couldn't do it do it without them.

24:19David: And then we're getting donations from from Nichols, from Bass Pro,

24:25David: Precision Tactical, as well as Hoover Tactical.

24:28David: And I just heard you like this kind of late breaking news for

24:32David: I'm not going to probably have this for everybody,

24:36David: but for a lot of the folks who come in early, they're going to be able to get a

24:40David: a one day free pass to to Hoover Tactical.

24:44David: So that's that's another thing that we're going to try to try to provide folks.

24:49David: So got a lot of a lot of good support from local local vendors

24:53David: around here that are being able to provide some really quality stuff.

24:58David: Yeah. OK. And we're not and we're not done yet.

25:01David: So there's probably going to be some some stuff that we're going to get

25:04Gary: in the next couple of weeks that'll add to it.

25:07Gary: Right. So this is just the tip of a proverbial iceberg.

25:11Gary: That's right. Things that are going to happen.

25:14Gary: Well, we appreciate you stopping out telling us all about this.

25:17David: Do we have any more to add there, Mr. John?

25:19David: And the interview is yours.

25:20David: OK. OK. Dave, how long

25:24David: ducks and limit been around?

25:25David: OK. Another good question.

o the organization started in:

25:30David: Really? A group of duck hunters.

25:32David: This is during the Dust Bowl era.

25:34David: And also, there was a lot of market hunting that was going on.

25:37David: It was just wiping out the ducks during that era.

25:41David: This group of duck hunters came together and just said, we got to change.

25:45David: We got to change the tone here.

25:47David: We got to do something.

25:48David: Otherwise, we're going to lose this great natural resource.

25:50David: And so that's where it started a long time ago.

25:53Devin: OK. Yeah, I spent a while.

25:54Devin: Now, are you guys associated also with the clothing line?

25:57David: That's Ducks Unlimited Clothing Line.

25:59David: Yeah. So the logo, the trademark logo stuff.

26:02David: Yep. And we've got some.

26:04David: And we're going to have some branded merchandise

26:06David: that will be given away at this event, too.

26:09David: So we'll have a we'll have a mix of stuff.

to your point over the since:

26:19David: Ducks Unlimited will cap over six billion dollars raised

26:23David: and volunteer fund raising over over those years.

26:28David: A lot of great support from a lot of great people doing

26:30Devin: doing some really good stuff.

26:33Devin: And you guys have grown exponentially over that particular time.

26:37Devin: Right. And the awareness, I think that every that comes out of each year

26:41Devin: that you guys do this right here, man, it's it's especially when the

26:47Devin: when the raffles go crazy, man, oh, man, you know, that stuff right there.

26:52Devin: People start talking. Well, you hear Devin, you know, and of course, I myself,

26:56Devin: I was at the very first annual event of the of the event when

27:01Devin: when when you guys were at the one out on 280.

27:04Devin: Right. Over there.

27:05Devin: And Superior Grill, I believe it was.

27:08Devin: Yeah, Superior Grill. Right. Wow.

27:10Devin: Yeah, that was a ball right there.

27:12Devin: And that got a lot of publicity.

27:14Devin: Man, that got a ton of publicity.

27:16Devin: I will just say something right quick like here, Dave.

27:19Devin: I actually found one of the clothing lines here that you guys

27:24Devin: this very appealing in some sense here.

27:26Devin: And it's it's actually one of the camouflage clothing lines right here

27:31Devin: by the Ducks, do you I got to say it's it's quite

27:36Devin: it's quite revealing there.

27:37Devin: I just didn't know whether or not that was going to be at the event or not.

27:42Devin: I wasn't sure.

27:43Gary: I wouldn't quite count on that.

27:45Gary: But OK, all right. OK.

27:47Gary: Well, the audio listeners are loving not having any idea

27:51Gary: what we're talking about right now. This is wonderful.

27:53Devin: I was looking I was looking up your clothing line there

27:58Devin: and I was like, oh, that's pretty.

27:59Gary: And then that run across and I said, OK, all right.

28:02Gary: Well, you should come dress like that there, Gary. Yeah.

28:05Devin: Yeah. And just burn retinas from here to the sun.

28:09Devin: Yeah, that will do it right there.

28:11Devin: Dave, thank you.

28:11Devin: I appreciate everything what you have you guys done.

28:16Devin: I've got some dear, dear good friends

28:18Devin: in that particular organization for the other companies over there.

28:22Devin: They're actually working for the per se enemy, if you will.

28:25Devin: But nevertheless, Jeff Alverson, Bob Sollentroff,

28:31Devin: all those guys, we go back a long ways.

28:34Devin: Ralph Welch and we go back a long ways for for for what you guys do.

28:40Devin: And they have pushed the fool out of this thing each and every year.

28:45Devin: So that's a good group to be associated with right there.

28:48John: It is. And I don't think there's anything wrong

28:51John: with saying the name of that other company because they are an official sponsor

28:55John: and they're on the flyer along with us.

28:56David: Is that Bellicoso? Bellicoso.

28:58David: Cigars. So yes, sir.

29:00David: Well, and I'll tell you, Bob, since you mentioned his name,

29:04David: just like, you know, he's not just a member of this chapter,

29:07David: but he's now the state chairman for Ducks Unlimited within within Alabama.

29:12David: So why? It's great.

29:14David: It's great having him as as part of this.

29:18David: And and this is getting some visibility across the state.

29:22Devin: Good. Great. You picked a you picked a good one.

29:25Devin: I'm telling you, you picked a good one.

29:27Devin: So that's great.

29:28Devin: He's going to make leaps and bounds in the organization from time to come.

29:33David: Yeah, very good.

29:34David: Well, I'd love to have you and your entire audience come out

29:37David: to see us on on the 24th and have a great time.

29:42David: Spend it. Spend a little money.

29:43David: Hopefully get something out of it and then have a good time.

29:48Devin: You know, you'll see the five of us there. You'll see it.

29:52Devin: Well, we appreciate your time today.

29:54Devin: Very much so. And I know the sacrifice is on your end,

29:58Devin: but we really do.

29:59Devin: We appreciate your time and efforts in doing this right here.

30:02Devin: And if you can, again, my name is Gary.

30:04Devin: And if you see those guys over there, just tell them I said hello.

30:07David: We'll see them during the event.

30:09David: I sure will.

30:11David: I'm getting ready to step into a planning meeting right now.

30:14John: All right. Well, thank you, Mr. David.

30:16John: All right. Well, you guys have a great afternoon.

30:20John: You too. Thank you.

30:22John: Thanks a lot, David. I'll be in touch.

30:24John: All right. Thanks. Take care, Dave.

30:27John: I really want to thank David for joining us and doing that interview.

30:30John: I know I kind of stayed quiet through all of it as allowing Devon's

30:34John: superior interview skills to take hold there.

30:37John: I thought I did pretty well.

30:39John: I'm going to give me a minute while I take my boots off now.

30:42John: It's taking place at Good People and Good People has been around since like

30:45John: 08 and it's a great brewery.

30:48John: There's a little bit of story that a couple of sorry, Auburn alumni

30:54John: on home brewers couldn't take it anymore.

30:56John: They created their own beer.

30:59John: Good People. It was a little bit stronger than the state's six percent cap.

31:04John: These guys did a lot to help change that.

31:06John: So the microbrewery explosion

31:11John: in Alabama can almost be traced back to Good People.

31:13John: I just wanted to throw that in. Is that right?

31:15Devin: Correct. Good job. Yes, sir.

31:17John: They were one of the originals.

31:19John: They've got a really long history that you really have to dig for.

31:22John: I think their story is fascinating and it should be on their website.

31:25John: What would I know about marketing and social media and publicizing things?

31:30Gary: Nothing. Nothing at all.

31:32John: Let's get them on here one day.

31:33John: Yeah, maybe maybe I can reach out to them.

31:36John: Maybe before the event, maybe we're going to end up doing a month.

31:39Gary: The April of Ducks Unlimited. Nice.

31:43Gary: I tell you what, I would like to record that podcast on site with beer in hand.

31:50Devin: I learned on my other podcast, don't drink on the podcast.

31:54Devin: Oh, wow.

31:56Devin: I'm going to counterculture to that because I'm drinking right now.

31:59Devin: Oh, there you are. Oh, my God.

32:01Devin: It ain't water.

32:02John: I imagine whiskey and friends enjoys a libation or two during the recording.

32:08Devin: That's right. That's right.

32:10Devin: I don't think do we have any distilled?

32:12Devin: We have do. Is there any distilleries here in Alabama?

32:15Devin: Yeah. Red Mountain or Redmont. Sorry.

32:17Devin: Is that right? No kidding.

32:19Gary: Red Mountain distillery. Red Redmont distillery. Yeah.

32:23Gary: Red. That's right next to Cahaba.

32:24John: Like it's we literally within walking distance, they use the same parking lot.

32:28John: Why?

32:29John: Cahaba uses their libation.

32:31John: A hundred years ago, everything in downtown Birmingham was within walking distance.

32:36Devin: It's true. True. Boy, I miss that.

32:39Gary: God, I miss that.

32:41Gary: He just said he was over.

32:42John: I was going to say, Gary, we know you're old, but I don't think we're quite that old.

32:47Devin: You don't know. I know. I don't know. But

32:54Devin: back then, they use my they use my posture as as part of the Vulcan up there.

33:01Devin: Back when you were fit and thin.

33:03Devin: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

33:05Devin: Just the fingers, fingers on.

33:07Gary: That's what she said.

33:09Gary: So there we go.

33:10Gary: Be sure. Make sure to check out our website for the podcast,

33:14Gary: for for cigar gear, all that kind of stuff.

33:17Gary: And a special link for the the Ducks Unlimited event.

33:20Gary: You'll find all of this stuff in the podcast description below.

33:24Gary: I highly recommend you check that out.

33:26Gary: The event is coming up very soon.

33:29Gary: So be ready for that.

33:31John: I'm hoping we'll be able to get in there

33:34John: like we did last year, you know what I mean? Wink, wink.

33:37John: Yeah, we know what websites smoking underground dot com.

33:41John: Everything's there. Stuff to cover on the shows, all our back episodes,

33:44John: back videos, things like that, and all the subscriber follow links,

33:48John: depending how you do it with podcast.

33:51John: We're just about on every podcast host player, whether it be Spotify,

33:55John: your Apple choices, your Google choices, your Android choices.

33:58John: It's all there.

34:00John: And what we ask, we don't we ask that you subscribe.

34:03John: And then the other thing that we do ask for is that you tell a friend

34:06John: about the show. That's the best thing you can do for us.

34:09John: You don't have to give us money.

34:11John: You don't have to just tell a friend about the show.

34:14Devin: I mean, you can give us money if you want to, but we don't.

34:16Devin: We're not. Yeah, exactly.

34:18Devin: You buy us a cigar if you want to or drink if you want to.

34:20Gary: We don't mind. Hey, hey.

34:22Gary: Somebody emails in.

34:23Gary: I'd like to I'd like to take Devin out for a drink sometime

34:27Gary: to smoke cigars and stuff. Yeah, sure. Yeah, let's do it.

34:31Devin: You mean emails us a cigar is it smoking underground dot com?

34:36Devin: Yeah, exactly.

34:37Devin: See, easy is like it all rolls together in one giant cigar. Right.

34:43Devin: That's which, you know, and you got a brother forever after that,

34:46John: which in my mind, that cigar that it all gets rolled into is a Camacho Candela.

34:50John: I can't remind me.

34:50John: I wanted to order a new Candela and I forgot to a better double check

34:55Devin: and see if it's still available.

34:57Devin: I still have my hemp cigar available.

34:59John: I just thought what you know.

35:00John: Unfortunately, cigars and more does carry the cigars,

35:03John: but they did not jump on to the small release of Candela's by that manufacturer.

35:10John: And we do think cigars and more of I told a fine cigars

35:13John: for sponsoring this podcast, providing it, helping put it together, backing us.

35:19John: They're actually who provide us our cigars for every episode.

35:24John: That's right. That's right.

35:25John: He's wonderful.

35:27John: I've got no legal happenings for you guys this week.

35:30John: I'll apologize. Just no legal lights.

35:33John: No, we've got that episode coming up that

35:37John: I kind of go to town on legal legal stuff.

35:39John: So we'll give you a break from this one.

35:41Gary: That one will be rolling around the corner here in a week or two.

35:45Gary: That's all right. We'll get it next week.

35:47Gary: So what was the date on the Ducks Unlimited

35:49Gary: one more time before we get towards the end here?

35:51John: Well, the quick wrap up of the Ducks Unlimited Monday, April 24th, six 30 to nine.

35:57John: And they do a really good job of ending it at nine.

35:59John: I mean, if you want to stay later, you can. But

36:02Gary: five thirty to eight, isn't it?

36:04Gary: Yeah, it's already done.

36:05Gary: It looks like five thirty five thirty.

36:08Gary: Yeah, and they do. They they wrap up quick.

36:09Gary: Because I remember the other events.

36:11Gary: They're like, OK, we're done.

36:12John: They're packing up and like sixty dollars in advance for tickets.

36:16John: You're going to get cigars worth 60 bucks.

36:19John: I guarantee you that. That's what last year.

36:21John: Plus, you're going to get the food.

36:22John: You're going to get a couple of beers. Parking's handled for you.

36:26John: That's the worst thing about going downtown.

36:29John: I'm assuming there's no baseball game that night.

36:32John: So God, I hope not.

36:34John: Not not not really our problem, because we don't have to worry about parking.

36:39John: And then I can't remember Porky's.

36:41John: We were talking about pigs. Porky's Porky's food truck was there.

36:45John: And they fell a little bit behind last year, but they got it handled and

36:50John: wasn't wasn't too bad.

36:52Gary: Barbecue. It's a great event with the beer.

36:55Gary: And I'll be honest with you.

36:56Gary: Oh, nice, man. Good. Good deal.

37:00Gary: And I highly encourage the event because like my buddy Garth, no joke,

37:04Gary: he put in one twenty dollar ticket and got it.

37:07John: And Devin didn't buy any tickets and got towed.

37:10John: That is accurate. That is accurate.

37:14John: That is accurate.

37:15John: I didn't know about that till tonight.

37:18John: I remember him telling me about this great parking spot he found, blah, blah, blah.

37:21John: And I'm wedged into this alley.

37:24Gary: And yep.

37:26Gary: Oh, no.

37:27Devin: One hundred and thirty five dollars.

37:31Devin: Oh, wow.

37:32Devin: And that could have been you could have won.

37:35Devin: You could have won the pellet grill.

37:36Gary: I tell you, if I had to want a rifle or something, I would have gone.

37:39Gary: I don't even care.

37:40Devin: I don't even care. Oh, man.

37:42Devin: Well, that was an over to spend money.

37:44John: Say, had I won a rifle, I wouldn't care.

37:48John: We can construe that a couple of different ways.

37:51John: They do not provide ammunition at the event.

37:53Gary: Remember? No, they do not.

37:56Gary: I'm saying if I had to want a big time item like that,

37:59Gary: I would have been like, yeah, hundred and thirty three dollars.

38:01John: I'm good. I'm coming out way on top tonight.

38:03John: Good. Yeah, right. Right.

38:05John: You should have submitted that to Harris.

38:08Gary: It's a podcast expense.

38:10Gary: Yeah, right.

38:12Gary: Oh, hey, it's not a bad idea.

38:15Gary: I didn't think about that.

38:15John: I was just like, I guarantee you, when I go to a car event for my car podcast,

38:21John: that all goes into the business business expenses.

38:24John: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Park there again this year, Dave.

38:27John: Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.

38:29John: What we think of the 20 acre farm, you know, I smoked it a week or two ago.

38:34John: By the way, I've taken to usually I have a long drive home on

38:38John: when I'm coming back from on the road and I've taken to smoking

38:41John: at least a cigar in the car.

38:44John: I bought a little 12 volt USB powered HEPA filter thing.

38:49John: Did you? I let it run all the time, even when I'm not smoking it.

38:53John: But while I'm driving, which I'm in the car five hours a day,

38:57John: so it's running all the time and I do the window cracking thing.

39:01John: The following day, you can kind of get a touch of cigar odor.

39:05John: But by the end of the day, it's pretty much eaten up.

39:07John: I'm happy with that.

39:09John: We'll have a link to that little HEPA filter.

39:11John: It's like I don't do any of that.

39:13John: It's like 20 bucks.

39:14John: We'll have a link to it on the shop on smoking

39:18Gary: Yeah, I may have to actually try that out because I use

39:21Gary: we'll have a whole episode about how to smoke in your vehicle

39:24Gary: and other places like that, because I've been doing a lot of research on that.

39:27John: When I order that Candela, I'm ordering some of their odor absorbing gel.

39:32John: If you buy two, you get one free.

39:34John: So it's like 20 bucks for three of these things.

39:37John: And it works really well.

39:38John: Just in the summer, it turns to liquid really quick in a car in Alabama.

39:43Gary: OK, better.

39:45Gary: Well, you send me the link for that as well, because I'd love to be able

39:48Gary: to give it a hand hand review of that HEPA filter of all that kind of stuff.

39:51Gary: Because when we do an episode about filtration,

39:54Gary: I think it would be an excellent check on it, because like in my truck,

39:59Gary: I don't use any filter except for that.

40:01Gary: I forget the name of it, but it's a little puck that helps to do that with.

40:04Gary: And it's a it's a neat aspect to think that you could smoke in your vehicle

40:08Gary: and it still smelled just fine. Anybody can get it.

40:11John: Yeah, I learned today and I don't have a lot of details.

40:14John: Audi employs five people,

40:17John: and their job is to smell the interiors of every Audi produced

40:23John: to verify that the smells are correct.

40:28John: Wow. What?

40:31John: Because the different fabrics and stuff that they use for interiors,

40:35John: they want to make sure the leather smells leather.

40:39John: There's not an overpowering scent of glue or something.

40:43John: So there's five people on staff at Audi that their jobs.

40:47John: And I don't know if they do it to every single car that's produced,

40:50John: but they're steering wheel sniffers.

40:53Gary: Yeah, I think that's that.

40:54Gary: That's all they do.

40:56Gary: Like they get paid like sixty thousand dollars a year.

40:59Devin: And all they do is smell.

41:01Devin: I bet they get paid more than sixty thousand dollars a year.

41:05Devin: As engineers. Yeah, they get paid more than that.

41:09Devin: No, I bet that is all they do.

41:13Devin: Yeah, I tell you what I was impressed with, John,

41:15Devin: you saying that right there when I was down at Mercedes,

41:18Devin: walked into a particular area where the engineers did audio

41:23Devin: and they had this particular area right there where you can move speakers around

41:28Devin: and get these particular the the engineering of where the speakers would go

41:34Devin: in a particular, you know, automobile.

41:37Devin: In this particular case, we're in Alabama.

41:39Devin: So advanced, they did the M class down there.

41:42Devin: When I was there.

41:43Devin: Wow. So they they literally had the engineering where they could move stuff around.

41:47Devin: That was fascinating.

41:49Devin: That was very fascinating.

41:51John: And now with AI and the computer control stuff that's out,

41:54John: they can put the speakers anywhere in the car.

41:57John: And then they just position a couple of microphones like near the driver

42:00John: and near the passenger.

42:02John: And you it can optimize the sound by delaying the signal to the speakers.

42:08John: Wow. That's pretty cool.

42:10John: That's crazy. Yeah.

42:11John: We used to get a little bit into that years ago when I got it,

42:15John: it was in the car stereo or you'd put a capacitor or something

42:19John: to just slow a signal, get it to a certain speaker.

42:22John: And then when I was doing home theater in the mid 90s,

42:26John: you could set up two microsecond or three microsecond or millisecond

42:31John: delay for the rear speakers or the front speakers or the signal

42:36John: gets sent to the rear speakers just prior to the front speakers.

42:39John: So that the sound arrived at your sweet listening spot

42:43Devin: at the same point in time.

42:45Devin: Yeah. Yeah.

42:47Devin: Audio engineering is a very big deal.

42:50Devin: It's a huge, man. Huge.

42:53John: Yeah. Sounds sound therapy.

42:55John: So what did you guys we got?

42:56John: Well, I got way distracted and I went way off topic.

42:59John: What did you guys think of that?

43:01John: The 20 acre farm or boost, so after you've now smoked it a little bit on the show

John: and we retail it for:

43:11Gary: Well, it's definitely not an Alfonso, obviously.

43:14Gary: I would say that if you didn't want to pay the thirty five dollars

43:18Gary: for an Alfonso and you wanted something similar in a similar vein,

43:23Gary: you'd definitely hit the right mark on this.

43:25Gary: It's got all the great notes when it comes to the sun, the golden sun grown.

43:31Gary: It's got a nice lightweight flavor to it.

43:34Gary: The the ring gauge of this one is perfect.

43:36Gary: I'm using a wide mouth punch on mine.

43:39Gary: I got to say everything about this has been spectacular.

43:42Gary: I'm hoping I can get a few more of these.

43:44Gary: I think I'm going to add this to my repertoire of cigars.

43:48John: Now, I'm reading this little history on that cigar.

43:51John: Majestic Florida sun grown leaf, which is actually grown

43:55John: in central Florida in a town called Claremont

44:00John: on a 20 acre plot of land.

44:03John: That's pretty cool.

44:03Gary: I love the fact that it has a US grown leaf in it.

44:07Gary: I love that. I absolutely love that.

44:10Devin: The seed that they're using for Florida sungrowns a Sumatra. Right.

44:14Devin: I know that because I've got some.

44:16John: It's pretty neat.

44:18John: Rower, which I unfortunately I cannot pronounce his last name, Jeff Boyerski.

44:23John: Boyer is it wits.

d the Corona Cigar Company in:

tobacco on the small farm in:

44:36John: with hopes of reviving tobaccos from the Sunshine State, as it says,

ar tobaccos that had ended in:

44:46John: So it's something he's trying to revitalize 30, 40 years later.

44:51John: It's great.

44:53John: Good, good, good.

44:54John: He's doing a good job so far.

44:55John: If you haven't had it, it's pretty good.

44:57John: It's only been on the market for about four months right now.

45:00Gary: Yeah, it's very nice.

And I'm telling you that that:

45:05Gary: that you can get more.

45:07Gary: You could definitely charge more.

45:08John: Dead on me.

45:09John: Heck yeah. We probably will.

45:11John: Yeah.

45:12Devin: If it. Yeah, by all means.

45:15Devin: Yeah. If it was a beer, it would probably be a good logger.

45:18Gary: Yeah. You know. Yeah.

45:20Devin: I could see that. You know.

45:22Devin: Yeah. Well, that was a good.

45:23Devin: That's a good stick, though. Sure is.

45:25Gary: Well, a special thanks to Mr.

45:27Gary: David Patton at Ducks Unlimited.

45:29Gary: I thank you, Gary. Thank you, John.

45:31Gary: John, you do a lot of work.

45:32Gary: We really do appreciate it.

45:33Gary: Yes, you do. And God bless you.

45:35Gary: And make sure you guys subscribe to the podcast

45:39Gary: and all of your favorite podcast locations, whatever device.

45:42Gary: And like we said, tell a friend, you know, just tell them, hey,

45:45Gary: I got a good podcast here about some guys talking about cigars and events.

45:49Gary: And just just share it around.

45:51Gary: That's all you got to do.

45:52Gary: Just somebody somebody else, you know, who smokes don't have to have them.

45:55Gary: Anything. Just send them the link.

45:57Gary: Say, hey, you should take a listen to this.

45:59Gary: Now you got that's it.

46:00Gary: That's all it takes. That's it.

46:02Gary: It's like it's like John's face.

46:04Devin: That's it. That's all you get.

46:06Devin: You can't handle anymore.

46:08Devin: That's like the truth.

46:10Devin: You can't handle the truth.

46:12Devin: You can't handle the truth.

46:14Devin: It's like rich wagyu beef.

46:17Devin: You know, you can only handle so much, you know, but it's so good.

46:20John: So, you know, so it can only afford so much.

46:24John: Not not all of us make the money.

46:26Devin: Gary, that's right.

46:29Devin: God, where did that come from?

46:30Gary: That's what we ask all the time.

46:33Gary: Exactly. Oh, it comes in with gold chalices, you know, full of,

46:37Gary: you know, gold and slugger, you know, that's, you know,

46:40Gary: all this kind of fancy stuff.

46:41John: He's smoking a hundred dollar cigar.

46:43John: The reason Gary brought up the wagyu beef is that's what he will be serving

46:48John: and his next shift at Vitola on Saturday.

46:52Devin: No, I will.

46:53Devin: So you should be smoking up 300 pounds of it.

46:59Devin: Boy, I wished my hundred dollars a plate.

47:01John: The Chipotle lime glaze.

47:04John: Oh, stop it. I'm getting hungry.

47:07John: Don't pair your to go on the side.

47:09John: And I picked up some salad dressing this weekend in the mountains

47:13John: over in North Carolina.

47:14John: We were at the mountain house over the weekend.

47:15John: Bacon, maple, balsamic vinaigrette with something else in it.

47:21John: It's a little bit sweet, but it's damn, it's good.

47:24John: Oh, it was. Huh?

47:26John: That's the same place I get my chili jalapeno dip, which.

47:30John: I've compared it to fentanyl.

47:34John: What they must do is mix this up in a big vat and they throw some chilies in there

47:39John: because the last thing I got had just a light hint of chili.

47:44John: This one, I think I got all the chilies.

47:47John: It's hotter than hell.

47:50John: Wow. It's kind of like, you know, fentanyl.

47:52John: They mix it up in a bathtub.

47:53John: So your heroin gets some of it gets just a little bit.

47:56John: Other ones gets a big chunk.

47:58Gary: And that's where you owe the.

48:02Gary: So, OK.

48:03Gary: Thank you, everybody, for joining us today on our salad dressing episode

48:07Devin: of smoking underground.

48:10Devin: That's awesome. That's great.

48:12John: Stick around to the end. You'll never know what happens.

48:15Gary: You'll never know. I'm out of here, though, tonight, guys.

48:17Gary: Thanks a lot.

48:19Gary: All right, everybody.

48:20Gary: Thanks for joining us on Smoking Underground.

48:21Gary: Join us next time for the next exciting adventure of smoking underground.

48:24Gary: How many times can I say smoking underground in one sentence?

48:27Gary: All right. I'm a Vitola Saturday.

48:29Devin: Good night, everybody. Good night.