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From Data Science Leader to ML Researcher with Rodrigo Rivera (Skoltech ADASE, Samsung NEXT)
Episode 2623rd March 2021 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Rodrigo Rivera is a machine learning researcher at the Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering Group at Skoltech and technical director of Samsung Next. He's previously been in data science and research leadership roles at companies all around the world including Rocket Internet and Philip-Morris.

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03:00 How Rodrigo got started in computer science and started his first company

10:40 Rodrigo's experiences leading data science teams at Rocket Internet and PMI

26:15 Leaving industry to get a PhD in machine learning

28:55 Data science collaboration between business and academia

32:45 Rodrigo's research interest in time series data

39:25 Topological data analysis

45:35 Framing effective research as a startup

48:15 Neural Prophet

01:04:10 The potential future of Julia for numerical computing

01:08:20 Most exciting opportunities for ML in industry

01:15:05 Rodrigo's advice for listeners

01:17:00 Rapid fire questions


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