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Climate Justice
5th November 2021 • Climate Conversations • Bespoken Media
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'It can't be about us without us'. How can we make conversations on climate change accessible to all? This episode explores the changes we need to consider. Fraser Stewart is a clean energy researcher at the University of Strathclyde, in conversation with Emmanuel Zuza, an agricultural researcher originally from Malawi, and Charles Baldaia, who grew up in a Brazilian favela. With thanks to Tori Tsui.

These conversations are the opinions of the contributors and not necessarily the views of NERC.

This episode of the Climate Conversations podcast has been curated as part of our wider collaboration from the well-established Engaging Environments programme which aims to enhance public engagement of environmental science, reaching communities that aren't often reached by environmental science engagement.

This episode has an international focus but other episodes in the series, including the green finance episode, are relating more to Scotland, and the location of COP26, Glasgow.