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Andrew Ward: HKB FiNN
17th July 2020 • The Unsullied with Oreka Godis • Eregbaro
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HKB FiNN gave #TUWOG more than was bargained for and as FayFay will attest to, cutting this down was hard -so many juicy bits! Trying to summarise it all, even harder so, let the timestamp below be your guide 🤓


  • Origin story (05:38)
  • The black barrier (11:58) 
  • Using the powers of mimicry to win shields friends (20:20)
  • Subcultures in England (21:28)
  • A nomad’s guide to emotional investments into friendship (24:58)
  • Self editing to be present for others (37:45)
  • The one about the city you live in, the energy it demands of you and the relationships you have with people as a result (41:09) 
  • Opportunity comes but once? (42:32) 
  • And what does it mean to be black and undefined? (45:27)
  • Taking the scenic route brings its own opportunity for reclamation (48:11)
  • Forgiving your aggressors is its own type of healing (55:33)
  • You are more than the things that happened to you (58:07)
  • Negotiating with the erasure of self due to trauma (01:00:32)
  • Damage versus damage - are you addicted to pain? (01:03:38)
  • People don’t kill love, shotguns kill love (01:06:38)
  • you want liver with that? (01:10:47)
  • On generational (financial) intelligence (01:36:00)
  •  Effort + time + quality = success? (01:45:27) 
  • Embarrassing moment in four words (01:52:14)
  • Books to read (01:53:45)

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  • The Alchemist’ by Paolo Cohelo. Available on: Amazon and Apple.
  • The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Available on: Amazon and Apple.

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