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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 9, 2nd March 2021
Today, you are in Purpose - Lola Tomorrow

Today, you are in Purpose - Lola Tomorrow

It's my joy to bring this inspiring interview to you. Lola Tomorrow is a woman who lives her faith by being obedient to the voice of God.


  • you don't find purpose; purpose already exist
  • your very existence today indicates that you are in purpose
  • you may be just missing the blueprint to your purpose

Lola Tomorrow is a faith-driven Chicago-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and highly sought after business mentor for high-performing women of faith who are striving for financial freedom.

She's a Tmrw Live collaborator with author, millionaire maker, motivational speaker, and business leader Kris Jenner in business!!! Over the course of two days, we will have a combination of general sessions and breakout sessions on topics such as growth mindset, navigating through failure, shifting the way that you pray, and building a brand that makes global impact. 

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