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As the Wheel of Time Turns – Episode 1.8 The Eye of the World
Episode 812th June 2023 • As the Wheel of Time Turns • Mangum Talks
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BJ, Bre, Lee, and Sarah review the eighth episode of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World. We go through a recap, ‘Ta’veren of the Week’ – favorite character, ‘Gleeman’s Corner’ favorite scene/dialog, and ‘Theory Time’ in part 1 (spoiler free). Part 2 has book spoiler content with ‘Reading the Pattern’ -where things fit into the bigger book story, ‘the Weft and Warp’ – changes from the book and how we feel about that, and we’re doing away with ‘Disappointed Darkfriends’ -complaints from the internet as the internet is the worst.