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Uriya Rosenman - Sameh Zakout - Dugri - Giving Voice To A Moderate Israeli-Palestinian Narrative
Episode 11818th December 2023 • Authentic Leadership for Everyday People • Dino Cattaneo / Hoolibean
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Today, we talk to Uriya Rosenman, an Israeli teacher and Sameh Zakout, a Palestinian singer and actor. As the founders of the DUGRI Project, a social venture dedicated to amplifying a moderate Israeli-Palestinian narrative, they aim to forge a mutually beneficial future through music, content, education, and community building, fostering unity among Jewish and Arab children in schools.

DUGRI's inception coincided with ground riots and the onset of the Israel-Hamas war, drawing global attention to their impactful collaboration. Uriya, a moderate Israeli, and Sameh Zakout, a moderate Palestinian with Israeli citizenship, uniquely amplify a creative Jewish-Arab voice challenging established narratives. They underscore the crucial need for dialogue during these challenging times.


[02:17] - Dino introduces the DUGRI Project, sharing the project's mission and the founders' determination to address tensions through music, content, and education. DUGRI emerges as a response to the lack of moderate voices, creatively echoing a new Israeli-Palestinian narrative focusing on normal lives and mutual understanding.

[04:06] - Introducing Uriya Rosenman, a Harvard student specializing in education, social entrepreneurship, and music, and Sameh Zakout an actor and singer.

[07:34] - The responsibility of being Jewish-Arab creators.

[11:23] - DUGRI is established as a social venture to creatively echo a new Israeli-Palestinian joint narrative, focusing on a mutually beneficial future through music, content, education, and community building to bring Jewish and Arab kids together in schools, highlighting the importance of education in fostering unity.

[19:36] - Sameh reflects on the complexity of the situation, emphasizing the shock, loss, and challenges faced by both Palestinians and Israelis after recent events.

[25:47] - The need for understanding history, finding a solution, and rejecting the idea of returning to the status quo to overcome challenges.

[31:25] - Uriya advocates for social awakening, emphasizing personal responsibility, challenging simplistic narratives, and promoting authentic leadership for societal change. He concludes with a call for leaders to focus on maximum well-being for all, advocating for real change and societal awakening.

[39:59] - You can watch their new video here. You can also connect with the DUGRI Project on various social media platforms to follow their journey and stay updated on their latest content. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.Today's guest is

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