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Dr. Heidi Hanna: Stress Mastery
11th February 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Dr. Heidi Hanna is the Chief Energy Officer of Synergy Brain Fitness, a company providing brain-based health and performance programs to individuals and organizations, a Founding Partner of the Academy for Brain Health and Performance and a Fellow and Advisory Board Member for the American Institute of Stress. She is a NY Times bestselling author of several books, including The Sharp Solution, Stressaholic, and Recharge. Her next book, The Adaptability Quotient will be published in 2022. Heidi has been featured at many global conferences including the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, ESPN Leadership Summit and the Million Dollar Round Table. Her clients have included Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and WD40 as well as the PGA Tour and the National Football League. Heidi is also a Certified Humor Professional with the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor although she won’t admit she’s funny.

7:18 Defining stress, resilience, and "positive adaptability."

11:10 How can we increase our capacity to handle stress?

15:29 The unique challenges that COVID-19 brings to our ability to handle stress—and insightful solutions for these challenges. 

17:56 Being present can increase our capacity. Some tips on being in the moment, especially when others around us aren't doing so.

24:22 The cumulative effects of stress on your brain and body.

28:42 The epigenetics of stress; how it can be passed down generationally.  

31:52 How "finding the funny" (cultivating a helpful sense of humor) can increase your resilience.

32:56 Small, actionable steps you can take to change your relationship with stress.

36:07 Cultivating a supportive mindset to bring more self-care into your life.

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