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136: Comic Corner (Spider-Man & Doctor Strange)
Episode 1369th February 2022 • Geek Garage Podcast • David & Lindsay Dassau
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Have you ever wanted to start reading comic books, but were too intimidated by the vastness of the comic world and didn't know where to start? Well guess what, me too! This week my good friend and comic book aficionado Tristan Benns is here to help the Geek Garage kick off a brand new recurring series called "Comic Corner", wherein we'll take two (or more) characters and enlighten you all on the best issues/collections/one-offs to start with. And don't worry about keeping track of Tristan's recommendations, because you can visit our website to view them anytime!

Our guest Tristan has been reading comics since he was 5 years old, and frequently freelance writes for likes of Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, and the Nerd Stash. He also co-hosts the "Nerds Talk Movies" podcast on the Nerd Stash Network.

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