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David Lumb - Leeds Sustainable Development Group in Conversation with Mike Chitty
Episode 1314th September 2020 • Be a Better Leader • Mike Chitty
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David Lumb - is an Independent Urbanist seeking redemption for having been an architect for most of his life. David moved to Chapel Allerton in 1969 and founded the Leeds Sustainable Development Group based on the Freiburg Charter. Having heard the episode with Tom Riordan, David was keen to have a natter.

He talks about his activism around transport and pollution, his role in developing the Leeds South Bank including getting £23m from a certain Michael Gove to build a Free School in South Leeds and the ensuing big and little p Politics.

We talk about housing policy - to buy or to rent? Rachel Unsworth's influence on us and the city, Bernard Hare, Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew...

And the possibility of a more committed group to develop a dialogue on development in Leeds...