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Being A COLLEGE Student While Navigating The REAL ESTATE Industry - Episode 85 w/ Yentell James
Episode 85 β€’ 24th April 2023 β€’ The Headley Group Real Estate Show β€’ The Headley Group Real Estate Show
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We just dropped a new episode featuring a very special guest - Yentell James (@yentelljamestherealtor) time to break out the popcorn and get the party started! 🍿⁠

You don't want to miss this! πŸ“’ ⁠


Our special guest Yentell shares her experience In the field of Real Estate while as a full-time student! πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸŽ“β 

Tune into this new episode of our podcast NOW - get ready for loads of insightful tips and advice! πŸ’₯⁠


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