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Fixing The Broken with Stan Andrewski
Episode 1919th July 2023 • Near Me Radio • Ryan Burton
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Welcome to Near Me Radio, the ultimate podcast for automotive professionals. Hosted by Ryan Burton, this show explores the world of automotive repair through captivating conversations with industry experts. In this episode, titled "Fixing The Broken," Ryan is joined by Stan Andrewski from Certified Auto Repair.

Stan shares his journey into the automotive repair industry, fueled by his love for cars and a desire to solve problems. Despite facing challenges, he pursued his passion, learning through hands-on experiences and becoming a master certified technician at a young age. Stan's commitment to serving customers and understanding the importance of reliable transportation shines through as he discusses the role of automotive professionals in helping people reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

Join Near Me Radio as they dive into Stan's story, his growth in the industry, and the exceptional service provided by Certified Auto Repair. Gain valuable insights, industry trends, and inspiration from automotive experts like Stan Andrewski. Tune in to Near Me Radio and elevate your automotive knowledge today.