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Ep. 162: Rana Campbell – Dream Driving Ain’t Easy – What To Do When You Are Your Biggest Block
Episode 16210th October 2018 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Are you the kind of person who always knew you wanted to help people, make a difference, and be an influencer? Most of the time, these characteristics are evident even in young children, and that’s certainly true for today’s guest. She’s helping others in numerous ways as she chases her dreams and watches out for the dream killers along the way.

Rana Campbell is a fellow Chief Dream Chaser. She is the founder, host, and Chief Dream Driver of the Dreams in Drive podcast. She’s a storyteller at heart and loves helping others figure out how to shine and put their goals into action. Her work has been featured in Elle, The Jimmy Fallon Show, Huffington Post, MadamNoire, xoNecole, Fox 5, and more. Rana is a proud graduate of Princeton University and an Emma Bowen Foundation media program alum.

Dreams that shaped a life

Have you always had dreams of inspiring and influencing others? Young Rana always loved reading others’ stories, being the person with the ideas, and making sure other people believed in themselves. As she grew up, she saw stories and the potential for stories everywhere. In high school, she was drawn to dance and playwriting, and she continued that dance focus in college. It was there, in a communications and marketing internship, that she realized how much she loved talking to people. Pretty fitting for a future podcast host, huh?

TWEET: Self-work is the best work. @rainshineluv #chasingdreams

Fear of success?

Most people fear failure, but have you ever feared success? Rana shares how she questioned success and said, “If I make it, will I want it?” That kind of fear can still hold us back. Rana never wanted to be famous, but it’s been a back and forth struggle in how she views success. She says, “I want to be Oprah, but I don’t want to be Oprah.” Through it all, the driving force behind the fear and the self-work is the overriding desire to help people.

TWEET: Know if you’re doubting yourself, you’re not alone. Everyone’s journey is filled with those moments. @rainshineluv #chasingdreams

Watch out for dream killers!

Do you live YOUR life? There is so much more to life than we can touch. We limit ourselves most often because we allow others to define what we SHOULD be doing. Rana learned the lesson to define her own life and create her own rules. Her advice is to be cautious about the advice you receive from others, because sometimes their advice is based on their own fears. These people are dream killers. A lot of us aren’t moving forward because other people are telling us we shouldn’t. 

TWEET: As a kid, I loved making sure other people believed in themselves. @rainshineluv #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”You need to be real with yourself about what your dream is. We have dreams that we tell people, but those may not be our REAL dreams. Be clear and real with yourself, because that will be your inner steering wheel.”


  • [:30] How the Dreams in Drive podcast came about
  • [3:40] Young Rana’s dreams to inspire and influence
  • [5:10] The interesting outcome of Rana’s appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show
  • [9:30] Selling the Dreams in Drive brand
  • [12:00] Before Dreams in Drive
  • [15:40] A lesson learned
  • [17:16] Over 150 guests and episodes so far!
  • [19:47] The importance of self-work
  • [21:57] Walking through life without living it
  • [24:21] Watch out for dream killers!
  • [28:19] Finding rejuvenation outside your comfort zone
  • [33:15] Celebrities are people, too
  • [38:09] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: Through the internship in college, I realized that I loved talking to people. @rainshineluv #chasingdreams

TWEET: There are too many people walking through life and not living life. @rainshineluv #chasingdreams