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Ransomware Sanctions: Exploring the Fallout
Episode 151st March 2023 • Razorwire Cyber Security • Razorthorn Security
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In this podcast episode, Jamie Hayward, Tom Mills, Michael Aguilera and I explore the perplexing irony of the UK government's recent proposal to ban payments to Russian ransomware groups. We debate the ethical, legal and financial implications of such a move and challenge organisations to pre-emptively defend against cyber attacks. 


"The best way to defeat exfiltration of your data - one of the best ways, there's a few - is using encryption." - Jamie Hayward 


We were discussing the recent news about new regulations on paying ransomware groups connected to Russia. We explored the implications of this ruling, how it may affect companies and the potential problems and risks it could cause. 

Through the discussion, we talk about the problem of reactive security and the proactive steps organisations can take to protect their data and be prepared for the worst case scenarios. 

While this law is designed to protect businesses, it is not, in itself, a solution to the ransomware problem.  We discuss how likely it might be that ransomware payments may be made illegal across the board and the implications of similar rulings on public, private, national and international organisations.

In this episode, you will learn the following: 

  • What are the implications for organisations when the so-called ‘safety net’ of paying a ransom is taken away
  • Why reactive cyber security strategies are so risky
  • What proactive recommendations we would give for securing an organisation
  • The effect the ruling might have on cyber insurance
  • The role of cyber education and training 
  • How can a universal set of regulations be created for information security? 


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