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#128: LinkedIn's own B2B go-to-market strategy (revealed) - Lucy Sonter
Episode 3018th March 2024 • The B2B Playbook • Kevin Chen & George Coudounaris
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This week we have one of LinkedIn's very own marketers - Lucy Sonter - on the show to walk us through how the beast itself pulls together its own B2B go-to-market strategy.

Lucy shares stories and examples from successful product launches at LinkedIn. In her former life, Lucy also worked in Sales, so she's able to weigh in on how sales and marketing can work better together.

Tune in and learn:

+ how to leverages sales insights to enrich your marketing strategies

+ how LinkedIn changed everyone's mind about using their 'audience network'

+ what customer insights you need and how to gather them

Just like many of our listeners and viewers, Lucy's team is resource and time strapped - so she faces many of the same problems that you do.


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00:00:00 - Welcome & Introduction

00:06:00 - The Journey from Sales to Marketing

00:12:00 - Customer Insights: The Foundation of Strategy

00:18:00 - Participating in Customer Advisory Boards

00:24:00 - Hindi Ads Case Study: Overcoming Language Barriers

00:30:00 - LinkedIn Audience Network: A Global Perspective

00:36:00 - Sales and Marketing Alignment: A Personal Take

00:42:00 - Enhancing APAC Strategies with Local Insights

00:48:00 - Wrap-Up: The Importance of Measurement


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