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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 42, 3rd June 2021
How To Become an Expert Who Speaks Professionally - With Debbie Allen
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How To Become an Expert Who Speaks Professionally - With Debbie Allen

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Debbie Allen.

Debbie Allen, CSP Certified Speaking Professional (also known as) The Expert of Experts is an award-winning entrepreneur, internationally recognized business and branding expert and bestselling author of 10 books including, Insider Secrets of International Speaking, The Highly Paid Expert and Success Is EASY.

She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and was a self-made millionaire by the age of 30, she then built and sold numerous million dollar companies in diverse industries before building her speaking empire.

Debbie has been a professional member of NSA for 25 years. During that time she has presented to thousands of people in 28 countries around the world.

Why you've got to check out Debbie's episode:

- Learn how Debbie helps people who want to become an expert in their niche and the top of their game. Many of her clients are experts in their field and helps them use speaking to raise their profile.

- Why you need to use speaking to share your voice, be the top of your game and find the 'thing' that you really own so that you can become the go to expert in your niche.

- Discover how one of Debbie's clients went from school teacher to an expert industry leader and the number one neuroscientist teaching gratitude.

- Find out about Debbie's book which outlines a step by step guide to becoming the expert in your industry.

- Get access to the 30 page e-book showing you 7 ways that you can get clients.

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