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Ep 73 - Mandy lost 27k followers in 24 hrs
6th December 2022 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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Mandy built a thriving community on IG with over 27K followers. This allowed her to grow her business, into a profitable, impactful space. Let's be clear. The $ from her business is a very key piece of her family income. This was no hobby.  One night - poof. She lost every single follower on social media.  What would you do?  I was curious too, so reached out to Mandy to see how I could help, and ask her serious questions about building a company using social media.  Her answers may surprise you!  Dig into this amazing discussion about marketing, social media, and the power of information that you own with Mandy's warmth and transparency.  Then, go give her a follow!  If you like this week's episode, please share the love with a friend. Podcast resources and links:

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