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#96 Brandon Boyd - The Marketing Process
Episode 9618th July 2021 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, I'm joined by Brandon Boyd who is the founder of Vet and Pet SEO. Brandon helps veterinarians and vetrepreneurs implement and manage high return on investment marketing campaigns and strategies by using data analytics and creative content catered to pet owners. We discuss the following:

  • His path from chemical engineering to marketing.
  • The service offering and expertise of Vet and Pet SEO.
  • Email Campaigns and why they are a hidden gem of marketing.
  • How to write marketing emails.
  • The average spending on veterinary marketing vs. the typical small business.
  • Why should you market if you are booked out for months.
  • How marketing can attract talent.
  • How to measure ROI on marketing.
  • The platforms to market on.
  • Marketing and mindset.

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