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That Time Pregnancy Cravings Led to a Global Empire with Sarah Wilson
26th April 2023 • Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business • Naketa Ren Thigpen: Balance (and) Relationship Advisor
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Sarah Wilson, the Co-Founder of Chip Cookies, the original gourmet cookie delivery company, is a mom of four who turned her pregnancy cravings into a thriving 11 location business, en route to opening over 15 more locations across the country. creative founding story and how she manages to do it all. Balance Boldly host, Naketa Ren Thigpen, sits down with Sarah to discuss how her business is navigating the uncertainty in the marketplace after sustaining through the pandemic with no-stores closed, while balancing her family and sanity. 


What to expect in today's BBP episode:

-What it takes to keep moving through an uncertain marketplace with a brick & mortar business

-Why it’s important to step out on faith and passion even when you’re scared

-How you can create work life balance that works for your business and family

-The importance of giving yourself permission to pause and unique places to do it

-A perspective on the many ways a “chip” can sweeten your life and legacy

More about Sarah Wilson

A visionary and co-founder of Chip Cookies Franchise, Sarah is now a passionate advocate for fellow entrepreneurial women. Sarah hopes to use her success to inspire other women, especially moms, looking to open their own small businesses and pursue their dreams. What started in her kitchen has become her and her family's legacy.

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