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Ep. 7: Mundane Magic (Pt. 2)
Episode 713th April 2022 • Roll Plus Heart • Roll Plus Heart
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Having faked a séance to convince Tilly Rex and her parents that she is to marry a certain "A.R.", the three crones decide to pull an old-fashioned "we're your fairy godmothers" gambit on Ada Raptor.

[cw: swearing, rude humour, a jazzy montage]

Jen Blundell is the GM for this one-shot session of Mundane Magic, an RPG by Lysa Penrose. Becs Watson plays Agamede the Old, Helen Gaffney plays Quince the Sparkly and Sara Keep plays Vera the Convivial yet Irascible.

Mundane Magic is a game by Lysa Penrose/Behold Her Studio. It can be purchased at

Roll Plus Heart is on Twitter and Facebook @RollPlusHeart. You can also email us at We have merch available through Just search for “roll plus heart”. All our links, as well as more info about us and the show, can be found at

Sara posts art on Twitter @PenguinPanic.

Becs is on both Twitch and Twitter @StarlingGirl, where she streams art and games.

Jen and Sara also play on the D&D actual play podcast Quest Fantastic, and Jen hosts the film review podcast Jen and the Film Critic.

Our theme music was composed by David Shaw (Instagram and Twitch @DSComposing and Facebook @composerdavidshaw). Music mixing and mastering was by Mark Anderson. This episode also features the track "Swinging Sofas" by Lobo Loco.