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Navigating the Admissions Process at Channing School
Episode 2711th June 2024 • Chatting with Channing • Channing School
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Rosie Gillece, the registrar of Channing School, discusses the admissions process and philosophy at the school. She explains that the admissions process covers the junior and senior school, with different entry points at 4+, 11+, and sixth form. Rosie emphasises the importance of getting to know the whole child and looks for girls who are interested, interesting, and kind. She also discusses the timeline and application process for each entry point, including interviews and assessments. Rosie mentions the use of technology, such as the Channing admissions portal, to streamline the application process. She concludes by highlighting the importance of parents asking detailed questions and the flexibility in the decision-making process.


  • Channing School focuses on getting to know the whole child during the admissions process
  • The admissions process covers entry points at 4+, 11+, and sixth form
  • Technology, such as the Channing admissions portal, is used to streamline the application process
  • Parents are encouraged to ask detailed questions and prioritise their child's education
  • Channing School offers a bespoke service and considers each applicant individually

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