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Don't Let Arthritis Keep You From Adventure
Episode 3629th October 2021 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist in Salt Lake City, UT, arthritis specialist, and founder of Keep the Adventure Alive.

she has had extensive experience training people of all ages and medical conditions including those with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome,

She started Keep the Adventure Alive because she was seeing too many people succumb to arthritis pain. She found that many times people didn’t know there were options available other than surgery and pain pills! She wanted to help educate as many people that she could that adventure is still possible with arthritis and surgery is not inevitable! She is revolutionizing the way people think and feel about osteoarthritis.

We talked about the lifestyle habits that contribute to arthritis and joint pain in general, as well as how to avoid surgery.

[00:05:34] The first part of overcoming limitations brought on by pain

[00:06:25] What arthritis really is

[00:06:57] -where inflammation comes from

When she talks about adventure, you might imagine climbing a mountain or horseback riding on a beach--and those are--but here's what Alyssa is talking about for the average gal like you and me:

And I kind of define adventure as something that makes you happy, whether it's playing with your grandkids, whether it's just walking with a friend around the neighborhood a few times. It can be hiking, biking, skiing, those sorts of things.

[00:16:10] – how to know what exercises to do

[00:26:21] – how to find her videos

[00:28:39] -how to decide whether to have surgery

[00:33:10] -find the right group for support especially on FB

[00:35:08] – Allysa’s message of hope to those who have pain or bone on bone arthritis

Her book, Move Well Age Well

Her free ebook, The Ultimate Arthritis Guide

The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint Online Course

Dig into all of the educational videos Alyssa has on her YouTube channel