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How to stay looking younger for longer
Episode 125th February 2022 • The Skin pod • Louise Thomas-Minns
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‘Hello, I’m Louise Thomas-Minns, Celebrity skin therapist, entrepreneur & all-round

skin geek. Welcome to The Skin Pod the podcast you need in your life if you are

as obsessed as we are about all things skin health! In this first Episode I talk to Glen Matten Award winning author, leading nutritional medicine expert & food industry influencer.

Together we discuss Nutricosmetics; the foods you should be eating for great skin health whether Chocolate really does give you spots & what Glen deems as his skin care routine.

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After the guest interview on each episode you will be able to hear Louise's Fly On the wall chat with a client so you can be privvy to what goes on in the treatment room.

This week Louise consults with a client about how to take a positive approach to the

ageing process of the skin. How can we turn back the clock when it comes to the

signs of ageing in the skin?

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